Will This Year Belong To You?

Your True Calling And How To Stick With Your New Year Resolutions for 2016

As we are fading out of this magical period that is called the New Year’s Transition, it’s also the time where 9 out of 10 people already start to fail with keeping their New Year resolutions for 2016… The reason for this is that they make so many resolutions that it is simply impossible to know where to start or find one main resolution or goal to focus upon.

Is it any wonder that so many people ask themselves the question if New Year Resolutions really work? The answer to this would depend upon five important factors:

  1. How you go about making your New Year’s Resolutions
  2. How you define the importance of this resolution to you when you make them
  3. How serious you are with your commitment to achieving your goal
  4. How you plan and create the steps that make your progress towards the success in achieving the desired outcomes
  5. And what tools, methods, and techniques you have to make sure you take action, follow through, and stick with your resolutions and goals

Let me ask you a question. Are you one of those people who follow through on their actions or do you find that your good intentions fall to the wayside quickly?

Regardless of your answer and which type of person you may classify yourself as, we want to make sure that this time you get it right. Therefore we have created a Special New Year’s Resolution Success Package with Great Mindset Magazine #3. Furthermore,  this edition is complemented with additional reports and workbooks so you understand how to do it and where to find the motivation, willpower, drive and determination to stick with your goals so you can finally achieve the dreams and desires you’ve set for 2016.

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Great Mindset Magazine #3 Special New Year Resolutions Special

How Can You Uncover Your True Calling?

Another topic that we thought would fit in well with setting and achieving your New Year Resolutions for 2016 is how you can uncover your passions, your why, your true calling, and create a life that holds meaning. Everyone has some type of true calling or purpose in life, and yes life does have a meaning.

Sometimes your true calling is staring you in the face, only you just don’t recognize it yet. And if you’re in that category, just know that your not alone. The majority of people do not know what they should be doing with their life as this was something we have never really learned to do. At the contrary even. From a young age we were told what to do, and many (like our parents and teachers) had intentions for us based on their own dreams and desires.

Even if this was based on good intentions, in most cases it made us deviate from who we really are, and what we are really capable of doing once we re-discover our innate talents and capacities. Therefore we thought this is another great topic to address in Great Mindset Magazine #3, and could be a desire for some of you to put on your New Year Resolutions for 2016 too…;)

Just pause and imagine for a moment how finding your why and your true passion — and acting and living your true passion in this new year — has the potential to change your life beyond what it has been till now…

Every single human has an amazing potential. We soar across the cosmos with our minds, and we glide through the infinity of our inner worlds with the power of spirit.

The most important thing you can do is be yourself, and embrace that authentic purpose with love. Even when your path leads you down dark passages, or across dangerous lands, you have to trust that this is what you were designed to do. This life is your passion; this life is your path.

We are at a critical moment in human history. As of now, we hold more potential than ever before. Our access to information and communication is nearly unfathomable. The ability we have to chronicle our lives and create what we are passionate about is unparalleled by any other time.

As the wheel turns, we must recognize this chance we have to become better, more compassionate, more grateful than we have been. Therefore, at the start of this New Year there is an opportunity for us to step up, move out of the past, and learn to create the future that we all know to be possible.

What we do at our best not only serves us, it serves the whole world.

Let’s make 2016 The Best Year Of Your Life!

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Well, there is no catch, but maybe we have lost our sanity…;)

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