(Video) Finding Your Life Purpose

How do you uncover your life purpose and avoid mistaking it for a mere dream

Personal development experts and spiritual guru’s often talk about the life changing experience of finding your life purpose or true calling in life. However if you don’t have this special feeling inside of you and the willingness and curiosity to find out why you are here and what the meaning of your life is, you might just continue to wonder around till the end of your days without experiencing what could have been…

Many people sit and feel quite depressed about not knowing what they should be doing with their life, and this often happens early in life. Do you remember being in high school and having to choose a career for the rest of your life?

Talk about feeling pressured at a young age!

But everyone has some type of life purpose or true calling in life, and yes life does have a meaning. Sometimes your life purpose is staring you in the face, you just don’t recognize it yet.

Here is a short video from TEDx Talks, where Adam Leipzig explains how to know your life purpose in five minutes

How do you know that you have a true calling in life?

Your life purpose or true calling can be identified in various ways. Many people believe that God will show them the way to their true calling. Others experience dreams that open up their eyes to a new opportunity. And you have no doubt heard stories about people experiencing death and then coming back to life. When they recover they find they have a new outlook on life altogether.

Now, you don’t have to wait for something terrible to happen to you! Instead you can start discovering your life purpose and your true calling in life yourself. However, you can already understand that if this was as easy as Adam Leipzig explains in the video “How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes”, we could probably tell you in one article how to find your true calling in life. But it isn’t. At least for most of us.

That’s why we wrote a more detailed report that guides you through the most common used methods you can use to find your true calling in life. We published it in Great Mindset Magazine #3. It’s called “Finding Your Why” and you can find more information here: http://greatmindsetmagazine.com/magazines/edition-3

Great Mindset Magazine #3 - Finding Your Why

However, to get you going, one of the first sings that you have a life purpose or true calling in life is that there is something that you feel compelled to do, regardless of the odds…

When you have this feeling, you are driven towards taking action without much rational reasoning from your brain. It rather happens from an impulse, an inside feeling or desire or an inner knowing. Sometimes it comes in another format by making you gravitate towards something on autopilot. And in many cases it has a recurring pattern in your life that offers a chance to learn and experience things in a more profound way than someone else.

Sometimes these life experiences are good, and sometimes, well… they are not so good and can be real mental, emotional, or even physical challenges. However, if you belief that everything happens for a reason, and you have an open mind to see the positives even in a negative situation, you know that you’ll come out more wiser and stronger. And eventually you can even use it to help others avoid to go through the same, or stimulate and motivate them to reach a higher level.

But what happens when you are not confident of where your life purpose may take you?

It is very easy to mistake your true calling as nothing more than a mere dream or desire. You may feel as though you were meant to do this thing but finding the opportunity to make it your life purpose or follow your dream is holding you back.

It can also be a frightening experience, to suddenly give up a stable job in order to follow a new path. I certainly can remember thinking I lost my insanity back in the days I gave up my Consulting Business to one of the Top 500 companies in the world. Not only did I gave up my job, I also moved to the other site of the planet without having nothing else in place than an Inner Feeling that was so strong that it pushed me through my fear barriers.

Unless you are able to go inside the depth of your own mental and spiritual being, and marry these two intelligence centers together, you might indeed confuse your true calling with a mere dream.

This especially happens to those who are looking for a big chance from the eyes of their outside world rather than from their inside world. It’s no wonder many of us don’t really know what we want, because we are so influenced by factors that are important to someone else rather than what is important to ourselves. In these cases it’s easy to understand how our mind and our ego can get in the way, or that we feel compelled to follow the directions of the more authoritative figures in our lives.

And then, when you finally express something that makes you feel so excited and joyful inside, there are other factors like all the naysayers and the critical people around you that find it so easy to kill your dreams or talk you out of your ideas… Some might even have installed in you a low self-esteem or a belief that you are not important, or not good enough…

It doesn’t mean they did it on purpose, often they do it with good intentions. However, if you are in an environment that is little supportive to your dreams and desires, and they don’t care about your capacities and talents, we suggest you avoid sharing your ideas with them and start listening to your inner guidance system, increase the confidence in yourself, and find people that are supportive to your dreams and actions.

Many artists feel they have a life purpose or true calling in life

Many musicians and authors felt as though they had a true calling in life. They were always drawn to words or music in such a way that they couldn’t help themselves. There are many professional musicians who didn’t have the support of their family for a long time. Not until a family member saw them perform and saw how the magical allure drew the audience in, did they understand the passion.

Authors, photographers, painters, or many people that have a passion for art often experience the same. They feel as though they have to write, capture the moment in a picture, paint or sculpt, no matter what. They lock themselves away for days or weeks so that they can put all those words onto paper, or all their talent into a new creation of art.

Even if you can’t manage to follow your true calling in life full time. There is no reason why you can’t put time and effort into it on a more part time basis. If you have that longing to write a book, then start writing it in your spare time. At least you are allowing yourself to follow your passion.

Not sure if you even have a life purpose or true calling in your life?

Most people do, the problem lies in recognizing it. Look towards your dreams and desires, is there one thing that keeps returning over and over again? Is there a typical group in society that you feel can do with your support?

If so, this could be your true calling. Examples of a life purpose include becoming a doctor or nurse. Traveling to a distant country and doing mission work. Or your true calling could be raising money for a charity or working with young children or animals.

It’s also important to learn to think outside of the box with your passions. If you are a fairly good musician, but think you are not good enough for a professional career, or you might not want to be on a stage, maybe you can learn others to master their instrument. Maybe you can compose for other musicians who are good stage performers but lack the creativity of song writing. Or maybe you are good at writing and creating short tunes that would be a perfect fit for advertising video’s, TV-program intro’s, or other commercial use…

The next time you are sitting bored at your desk, let some of those thoughts and dreams come to the surface. Then look for multiple ways that you can work on one of them to make your life purpose a reality. Once you do, you will finally be following your true calling.

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