(VIDEO) Change Your Abundance Vibration

Interesting Exercise To Change Your Abundance Vibration

In the Abundance Through Words Webinar Arnaud Saint-Paul, Spiritual Teacher and Host interviews Frederick Dodson, international author of over 25 books, about how to change your abundance vibration.

Obviously ‘abundance’ is not only wealth, it’s also health, relationships, and many other things as well, however, most people seem to suffer in the area of attracting money or financial wealth, and therefore this is the main topic of this Abundance Thru Words Webinar.

The Importance of Self-Worth

An interesting topic in the webinar is the importance of Self-worth, because, if you don’t feel you are worth anything, you are going to be ashamed of asking, taking and receiving.

One way to change this limiting condition is by mentally trying to change your thoughts and perspective. Or another way to approach this is to simply create value through a product or a service that is of value to others. Not only will you instantly create a higher vibration of self-worth because of the value you create for others, but you’ll also change your abundance vibration at the same time and get rewarded for it by those that see the value you create and want to reward or pay you for it.

The essence of it is that it’s either that, or you create Inner Self-Worth through your thoughts, deeds, and actions. In other words mentally reconditioning your mind, and then aligning your deeds and actions with those new thoughts.

It’s important to note that you need to give yourself time, space, and attention, as well as giving others their time, space, and attention, when you are changing your abundance vibration. A broad topic in itself that can have an endless discussion, but the bottom line of what Frederic Dodson wanted the audience to understand is that only success attracts success. That means that you already have to be that what you want to be…

It might be paradoxical, however, it is because the vibration of imagining that what you want to already be, attracts magnetically that what you want to be.

A difficult topic to get our heads around, but a crucial shift in this knowingness on a conscious level, can make a big shift in our unknowingness on an subconscious level.

It’s about understanding that “You can only have what you already have…”

Understanding this is quiet magical. Once you get that crucial point of difference, once it makes a click in your mind, everything changes. So to change your abundance vibration, you need to find a way to pretend like, or act like you already have it. Pretend or act like you are already what you want to be, you already see what you want to see, and you already have what you want to have.

In the webinar, Frederick Dodson takes the audience through a powerful exercise to experience what it feels like to change your abundance vibration. If you want to experience that too, we have posted the video below.

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