Total Wellness Is A Journey That Starts In The Mind

Total Wellness Starts In The Mind

Whatever your definition of Total Wellness might be, we all aspire to achieve a State of Total Wellness. The story of our lives is one of surviving physical drift, emotional triggers and sensory blitz. However few of us realize that Total Wellness is a journey that starts in the mind first. How we think is how we feel, and how we feel is how we think we are.

Sounds like a vicious circle right?

Well, in a sense that might be correct, because as we keep hanging in a cloud of thoughts we are vibrating the essence of those thoughts. And if what we are thinking, feeling, and vibrating in a sense that is not to our liking, nothing will change unless we start with changing our thoughts.

For example feeling down and wanting to feel a little better, has to come from a new set of thoughts that like sparks are igniting your brain, which then in turn ignites your feelings and emotions. So if you keep up the more positive thoughts, long enough to create the new desired feelings and emotions, you are starting to vibrate in the essence of those thoughts, and you’re on your way to a better more enjoyable moment of your day.

Mental Wellness Is More Than A Pill!

Obviously there are drugs that alter your state of mind, and therefore can offer a moment of relief, if that is what you are seeking. However, they only last till the medicine or drug has finished its chemical reaction. And the other problem with a forced altered state of mind is that it is unhealthy — especially if used on a regular basis — it can create real havoc in your mental and physical wellness, which is rather the opposite of what we are seeking, right?

Furthermore, we need to take real physical action steps too… The mind is there to inform us, guide us, but if we don’t take real life physical action, we can sit and think all day long, but rather little physical progress will be made.

So how do you change your state of mind from the current state, if that current state is not totally satisfactory to you right now? How to achieve Mental Wellness that evolves into Total Wellness?

There Are Many Options To Help Us On Our Journey Of Total Wellness

Luckily we are not short of powerful options, meditation and yoga are the most popular initiators on one’s path to Total Wellness. However, Qi Gong, integrative medicine, somatic therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathy and functional medicine, including specialized diet and improved nutrition, to name a few, are available in most countries but rarely considered for improving your mental state in a regular fashion.

This comes because many of us are unaware, or miss enough authoritative information on the different subjects. But not anymore. If you want to go beyond psychiatry and pills, and explore the best options for wellness in this evolving field, you can attend the Mental Wellness Summit for FREE by registering here:

The Mental Wellness Summit FREE Registration

It is an online event that runs from August 10 to 17, 2015, so go register now.

However, if you find yourself on this page after that period, there is a special offer to purchase the 30+ expert audios and videos. If that is something you would like to have in your digital library, you can see the special offer here:

The Mental Wellness Summit Audio & Video Recordings Special Offer

Who will benefit from attending the Mental Wellness Summit:

  • Health care practitioners and providers across the wellness spectrum
  • Anyone curious about or seeking solutions to not only mental health challenges, but to the newest findings on natural and holistic medicine, diet and healing
  • Family, friends, loved ones and coworkers who are supporting one another

Here are a few of the incredible experts who will speak at The Mental Wellness Summit:

  • Kelly Brogan, MD, Holistic Medicine and Root-Cause Resolution
  • Sayer Ji,, Deeper Into Mental Wellness Research
  • Peter Osborne, DC, Grainflammation, Food Toxicity and Microbes
  • Robert Whitaker, PhD, The Perils of Big Pharma
  • James Maskell, Revive Primary Care, Mental Health from Scratch

With 25 additional presenters sharing their expertise about mental wellness, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for men and women everywhere!

Better yet, if you register today, you’ll have access to the following FREE GIFTS as soon as you register!

  • Free Gift #1: Deeper Into Mental Wellness Research by Sayer Ji
  • Free Gift #2: Holistic Medicine and Root-Cause Resolution by Kelly Brogan
  • Free Gift #3: Microbiome: A New Frontier in Mental Health by David Perlmutter

The Mental Wellness Summit is online and free from August 10-17, 2015!

Register for FREE at the following link today:

The Mental Wellness Summit FREE Registration

I’ll see you at the summit!


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