Tips To Start Keeping A Journal

5 Self-Improvement Tips To Start Keeping A Journal

Writing in a journal is such a great exercise as it is so therapeutic in many ways. The simple act of writing down your thoughts, emotions and ideas will help with your personal growth and development beyond your imagination because recording your thoughts will not only give you insight into your personal behaviors and moods, but it will also connect your mental self with your spiritual self. You will soon start to want to connect more and more with this inner wise voice that helps you see things with another perspective. From all Self-Improvement Techniques, journaling is one of the most beneficial you can do.

Self-Improvement Tip #1 — Pick a Preferred Method

Writing your thoughts, emotions and ideas down in longhand seems scientifically been proven to have the most benefits. However, in todays modern world of mobile devices, you might prefer to use some writing our journaling applications for this purpose. Your choice to prefer a digital storage for your writing will certainly be beneficial if you have the intention to share some of your writing with others, for example through a blog, LiveJournal, or another platform. But whatever method you choose, don’t worry about the scientific studies, just the simple act of writing about your thoughts, emotions and ideas will have an amazing effect on your self-discovery and your personal development. Just pick the method that feels best for you now. You can always switch and change later.

Self-Improvement Tip #2 — Pick your topic

When you are feeling good, average, or overwhelmed, grab a journal and write down your feelings – even if they are negative. Then, give it a new spin. For example, even though I didn’t get the promotion I wanted, I now know what the process is and what I need to work on to better my chances before I put in for the next promotion. I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment and am grateful for the great things to come, as I’m sure there is an even better opportunity waiting for me.

You can write with a specific purpose in mind, like for a Gratitude Journal, where you write down all the things you feel grateful about. However, journaling can be writing about anything and everything, just let it flow as it comes. And if you are staring at a blank page, try to think about a topic in your day, or something that you have been thinking about a lot lately, and just start dumping some random thoughts on the paper. Soon you will find that you’re writing and writing in a way that makes that topic so much clearer in your mind.

Self-Improvement Tip #3 — Set a Schedule or Practice Journaling Randomly

Some people have set a specific time when they want to write, and they start writing every single day at that exact time. This might work good for you, especially if you have a hectic life, and you can structure your writing time early in the morning, or just before going to bed.

Writing in the early morning is excellent if you want to use your journal apart of your morning brain dump also as an inspiration for the day. If you feel that could be something for you, just write down the topics you intend to do and the outcomes you wish to experience for that day. You might be amazed at the magic that starts to happen in your life.

Writing in the evening before bedtime, is especially helpful for those that can’t stop their minds running in circles, or those that are continuously worrying about something. The simple fact to dump your thoughts to paper will make your brain relax, and it will help you sleep better than ever. And if you use the evening writing to have a look back at your day, of what went well and what went wrong. And then look what you could have done to avoid the things that ware not to your liking, and how you can do more of the things that went to your liking, you’ll soon find out that you are changing your life in ways beyond your wildest imagination. Just try it for a few days and see what happens!

However, as journaling releases negativity and toxicity from your body, soul and mind, it also resets your mindset. Therefore, you can write in your journal anytime you like. It certainly is an excellent technique to set a fix time of the day to write, as your brain will start to adapt to that set of time. However, as soon as the habit has become ingrained, just start writing in your journal anytime you like.

Self-Improvement Tip #4 — Always end with a positive note

Don’t just fill a journal with negative stuff. And if that’s the general tone to start writing, make sure you always end with a positive note, or that you include something that uplifts and inspires you, or simply makes you feel good and smile.

Self-Improvement Tip #5 — Just try it

Often, we are presented with great ideas, tips and techniques, but we don’t try them. This generally stems from thinking ahead and making assumptions. Assumptions about outcomes, seeing our lives as fixed, not understanding that to see change come about, we are the ones that need to change first… Therefore, avoid the easy trap of excuses, “No time, to busy, the children, my husband, …” just make the time, start today! Why not right now?

Also, it doesn’t need to be important, significant, or intelligent for that matter. It should also not be a writing essay for others to judge you upon. Real journaling is “for your eyes only!” So, feel free to write about anything and everything. if you want to include childish experiences you’ve missed so much, just do it. If you want to include your darkest thoughts, just dump them on the paper. If you want to include your secret romances and passions, do it. But don’t forget the simple things in your life, like the first blossoming of the trees when spring time arrives. Or if you like to write about the people in your life, for example, your romantic partner makes you smile or performs a kind gesture, write it down. It will give you something to look at when you miss them or are really mad at them in the moment.

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