The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Power Of Positive Thoughts and Words

You probably have had someone in your life who told you to think positive when you were in a trying situation. Not that you would have really listened to them at that time, because when you are encumbered in a spiral of negative energy, it’s like you block anything positive to uplift you to come through. However, once you pass through that challenging period, you might reflect back on it, and realize that on an intelligent level you know that it is true.

You can likely relate to this. You would probably rather be around someone who is upbeat and full of energy than someone who is depressed and moping around, right? So, on a conscious and mental level, most people accept that when you have positive thoughts you have positive feelings inside, and you vibrate your positive energy outside, and that you — willingly or not — influence other human beings with your positive energy.

However, knowing it doesn’t mean that we are doing it, because we seem to make everything so complex.  But here is a video of Will Smith sharing his view on the power of positive thinking and positive words.

Interesting Research Study On The Power Of Positive Thinking

There are many research studies on the power of positive thinking and how it can make the difference between leading a more robust life or one where you are merely existing.

There was one research study in particular that captured our interest, as it compared older adults with physical weaknesses like weight loss, fatigue and a slower gait against other older adults who seemed more robust. The more robust group was questioned in-depth on a variety of subjects, actions and emotions. The frailer group showed less positive thinking and optimism than the active, robust group who always seems to have positive views to share about their feelings and life in general.

The most popular guess as to why the heartier group is affected more positively than the other group is that positive thinking kick starts certain chemical processes in the brain which sparks those neural pathways into overdrive. In other words, the power of positive thinking could all boil down to a chemical reaction within the body.

When you think about it, what happens when you are happy or excited? Your heart pumps a little faster and your body is flooded with extra oxygen which can give you a temporary high.

Positive thinking can definitely boost a person’s overall health from brain functions to extra oxygen in the blood. Intellectually, physically, socially and psychologically — these are all ways that positive thinking can trump anything else. But did you know that you do not expend any more energy on positive thoughts or even on negative ones? Therefore, why waste time being negative and seeing the darker side of things when you can be happy and enjoy the sunshine?

We wish you a wonderful day!


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