How To Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

If you are like many people chasing their dreams but rarely getting manifestation results, here are 6 Action Strategies to stop dreaming and start doing.

If you want to stop dreaming and start doing, it will be very helpful if you can find out what exactly it is that is holding you back from taking action. We all have dreams in life. Some will come into real life manifestation, while others will remain in our inner mental teetering.

Try to find out where the non-action is coming from.

Is your dream to big? Do you lack the self-confidence? Is it fear of the unknown? Have your previous experiences resulted in failure or painful situations?

Finding out what is at the core to hold you back, can help you dissolve the conflicting internal dialogue that your brain likes to engage in. On one side you have this great ideas that make you feel enthusiastic and energized, and on the other side you have these visions of negative scenarios and how all can go wrong.

Obviously when you have the latter, it sucks all the energy and initial enthusiasm out of you, and makes it quit difficult to impossible to get started on any project, idea, dream or goal at all.

Did you ever came across the famous quote of Charles Bukowski where he states:

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Okay here at we don’t like categorizing people with degenerative words like “stupid”, the one Charles Bukowski used in the quote, but there’s a lot of truth in what he tries to convey. Just look around you. The action takers are those that make it. Just think about it in this way…

Ideas in the mind don’t mean anything to those needing these ideas in the real world.

When I’m in a coaching session with people that try to break free from the corporate rat race, and find ideas to setup their own business, I always try to get peoples inner most desires out of them. And in these sessions I often hear conversations in the trend of; “Did you see that launch of product X, I came across that idea years ago. I feel so stupid that I didn’t do anything with it…” or “I had a really great idea when (this or that), but life intervened and prevented me from doing what I’ve always wanted to do…”

Did you ever see one of your ideas come through by the action of someone else?
Have you ever thought, I wish I could … but then left it with your thoughts?

Throughout your life, you’ve probably wanted to do a lot of things. You might have intended to go into a certain line of work, live in a certain area, or become involved in certain hobbies and activities. But somehow something diverted you from taking action and travel the road to your desired destination.

And now, here you are – still wishing you can accomplish some of the goals and desires you established a long time ago. Some of the activities you want to do might even come up in conversation from time to time. You start out by saying, “One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is…” or “I always thought I would…”

But now it’s time to stop talking and start doing!

6 Action Strategies To Inspire You To Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

So, how can you stop talking and start doing what you wanted to do? What does it take to follow through with your intentions?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, paying attention to your inner mental chatter can help you discover if you have limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, lack of self-confidence, or all of these. However, many people don’t like to dive into their own mental and emotional limitations, and therefore are missing out on a great opportunity to deal with their mental conditioning and hypnotic state that has been downloaded from other sources and previous events. So, here are six action strategies that can help inspire you to begin fulfilling your life’s dreams:

1. Learn to control your thoughts time-travel

Isn’t it amazing how our mind can travel into space and time with speed and ease beyond our comprehension? With your mind you can travel back in time to whatever moment you’ve previously experienced and relive it as if it is happening again, right now. With your mind you can travel into space faster than the speed of light. You can be sitting at your office, but your thoughts can make you drift away reviving a pleasant moment at the beach, as if you were there right now.

If traveling in the past and to places you’ve visited before doesn’t sound all that amazing to you, what about having your thoughts drifting in the future, dreaming and creating experiences and places you didn’t go before? Isn’t that an amazing ability we have?

This just to say, that your mind is an extremely powerful instrument. Much more powerful than any of us can currently realize. But to really manifest our dreams of the past or in the future, we need to learn to focus in the now. Yes, the current moment is your moment of real power. It is in the now that you can decide to allow to get distracted and drift away with your thoughts, or at the contrary focus on what you can do right now that will bring you a step closer to your desired outcome. Which brings us to our next topic…

2. Limit your desires, make a clear choice and focus

It’s okay to have many dreams, desires and goals. It’s okay to have a creative mind full of ideas. However, if you want to give yourself a kick in the behind, and start doing what you want to see achieved, you need to limit your desires and make a clear choice.

Ideally you would focus on one big goal. However, there are situations — both at work or in your personal life — that you might need or want to work on more than one. If that’s the case don’t go beyond 3. Also make sure that you pick your top 3 desires at the CURRENT time. Something that obviously will be a desired outcome in the future, but something you can start to work on today. Actually I’ve still to discover a goal, dream or desire that can’t be started today. Think about this one for a minute…

Whatever your goal, be it health, a relationship, starting a new business, learning a new skill, or anything else… you can always start to take one step today that takes you one step closer to realizing your dream or goal. So, no excuses! An excuse is only your mind trying to protect you and stay in it’s comfort zone. Your mind is not the real you, it’s a powerful tool that thinks it is.

Limiting the goals you plan to work on will help you focus and therefore help you succeed. And if you need to work on more than one, select maximum three, and make sure that those are the most important for you.

3. Learn to chunk your goals

Generally a goal consists of something that can’t be realized in one go. If it does, it’s not really a goal it’s rather an action, a task, a To Do… A goal is generally something big, something you don’t have now, and you know you’ll have to take several steps to reach. Therefore, break each goal up into “chunks.” Divide it up into smaller mini-goals and enjoy one success after another as you attain these smaller goals and get closer to achieving your end goal.

  • For example, if one of your goals is to start a blog about travel or cooking or anything else that you’re passionate about, what are the steps you would need to take to bring that idea into reality? Your mini-goals might include setting a date you want to launch your blog or website, gathering enough content to cover the first month, finding the resources and finances to purchase a template or pay a designer to build your website, deciding what monetization platform you want to use, and more.

Breaking up each goal into do-able chunks will galvanize you to get started working toward the goal one bit at a time. It also helps you stay motivated as with each achievement of a “chunked-down” goal, you have something to celebrate and feel good about. This enthusiasm also builds your self-confidence and self-esteem, and gives you the momentum to keep going.

4. Vow and commit

Vow to do something that moves you closer toward each of your 3 goals every single day. For example, rather than spend 2 hours in the evening playing on your electronic tablet, spend one of those hours working towards one of your mini-goals.

It might feel uncomfortable, and you will encounter mental resistance when you try to change a habit you have cultivated for a long time. So, be aware of that, and recognize it in the moment it pops-up in your brain. Just know that it’s your brain trying to dominate you, staying in the comfort zone. It’s up to you to take back control of who you really are and what is really important to you to achieve.

It might take a little while, but every time you conquer those limiting thoughts and destructive behaviors you become stronger and more resilient. Soon you’ll arrive at your desired outcome, and the rewards will be much higher than the few seconds of discomfort you had to endure. Yes, a few seconds is all it takes to say NO to your habit, to find your strength, to focus, and to take action that brings you closer to your goal and the achievement of success that you seek.

5. Be flexible, but clear and organized

If focusing on 3 of your desires at once is too difficult for you to work toward, then choose just one at a time and work on it until you accomplish the goal. However, for some people one goal can be boring, and that’s a danger zone to be in, as it’s easy to give up when you’re feeling bored. Therefore, be willing to switch from moving one goal ahead to working on another if you get stuck.

One small tip for those that work with 2 or 3 goals at a time. The best way I have found to stay productive and on course, is to alternate the goals every day. For example, Monday I could focus on my health goal, Tuesday on my relationship goal, and Wednesday on my career or business goal.

Flexibility is the ability to change with whatever comes your way, but still progress towards the desired outcome. Some days I might try to work on all 3, but generally I then organize them in time-frames. For example Qi Gong at sunrise, uninterrupted focused time in two blocks of 2 hours straight, and a romantic dinner in the evening.

This flexibility also means that I can switch during high intensive time cycles. For example when we are in the production cycle of a new magazine or new training course. When these cycles occur, I switch from time to time and make my most “urgent” or “important” goal 5 out of 7 days, and wave in the 2 other goals whenever if feels appropriate. But whatever works or is more important for you comes first, and then you repeat the cycle. It might not work for you, but then it might. So if you work on more than one goal, give this one a try.

The most important thing is to stay focused on those 3 goals and don’t allow anything to get in the way of accomplishing them. However, be flexible and organized. With the above tip, it becomes more easy to focus upon a goal. If health, relationship and career or business would be your topic goals, by being flexible you can stay on course and productive by easily switching between the goals you have set. Anyone goal you choose for the day, or in the moment is a good one as they are your focused goals and every step you take brings you closer to at least one of them.

Also, if you have chunked-down your goals into smaller steps and use any planning system that suits you, you’ll keep organized, even if you switch from one goal to another.

When you focus, you’ll keep those goals on your mind every single day. Ideally you might say you’ll eat, sleep, and drink with those few goals.

6. Change your inner chatter/language

Rather than continuing to state you “always wanted to do” something, state what you’ve done recently to work toward getting one step closer to accomplishing your goal. Use your discussions and language to remind yourself and others of what your intentions are. Now your talk and your actions are both consistent with attaining your goal.

  • For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn Qi Gong, tell what you’ve done to check into it. “I called the Y the other day to find out when the Qi Gong class starts and how much it costs.” What a thrill it will be when your next conversation includes, “At my Qi Gong class the other day…”
  • It’s also a good idea to use affirmations, and repeat them like a mantra throughout the day. For example you might state what you actually want to do. For example, if Qi Gong first thing in the morning doesn’t work for your schedule, you could say “I do Qi Gong before lunch/dinner” and see yourself doing the Qi Gong every time you say or repeat the affirmation. If you cannot say it out loud, just repeat it in your mind till you can envision yourself doing Qi Gong.

Won’t it be wonderful when you start avidly focusing on your desires and actively working to achieve your goals? You have, right now, within your reach, the power to stop talking and start doing whatever is necessary to translate your intentions into actions. You can live the life you’ve yearned to live and achieve your dreams.

Begin today to stop dreaming and start doing what you dream about!

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