Prepare Your Mind for Prosperity: 10 Ways to Think Like a Winner

To think like a winner you need to act like a winner. If you talk to successful people — or people that can be considered having a Winner’s Mindset — and you ask them if they really consciously knew in the moment of their greatest breakthroughs or victories what made the difference, they will often say; “Mindset and Attitude.”

You’ve probably heard the saying “Attitude is everything”? But this adage reveals a great truth. In a winner’s mind, the perspective you take in any situation ultimately determines the outcome. So if you’re hoping to bring success, prosperity, better health, a more romantic relationship, or anything else into your life, it’s important to learn to change your mindset and learn to think like a winner.

How can you acquire the mindset to think like a winner?

Try these strategies:

1. Acknowledge that you’re human

If this one makes you frown or look daggers, we understand. But the important lesson you can take away from this is that you will gain more when you accept that you’re fallible because you’re human. It might sound strange but when you accept that you can fail without giving yourself a hard time when it happens, you will actually make progress with much more ease. It can look and feel counter intuitive, but rather than seeking perfection, strive to learn and perfect with a certain joy and amusement and seek to attain the abundance that presents itself to you in the moment.

2. Know what you want

Be specific about what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re wanting to increase your revenue, don’t just say “I want to earn more money” as this is so vague that your brain can’t find a way to help you focus. Instead tell your brain exactly how much increase you want to see. This can be a percentage, however, it’s even better if you can state the exact figure.

3. Aim high but not too high

Using the increase in revenue example, if you’re currently making $50K it has little sense to state your goal to make over a million dollars by the end of the year. Not that it’s not impossible, it is, it has been done before! However, if you are setting this goal without a real inner CONVICTION that this will manifest no matter what, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

So, how much do you need to aim for? This depends on the preliminary brain dump you have done to evaluate your options and possibilities to increase your revenue. If you feel you can have a serious chance for a big promotion or change in career, this inner conviction and the goal you set has now a more balanced vibration. Therefore the manifestation of this has real potential and will depend on the further actions you take. If you can keep your focus, evaluate the progress and setbacks you make along the way, and follow the rest of the steps below, you’re in a pretty good shape.

4. Refuse to set yourself up for failure

As you understand from the previous topic, setting unrealistically high expectations is strategically not the best plan. If you lack experience or expertise in something, rather than saying, “I’m going to be number one,” say “I’m so proud of myself for going after my dreams. As long as I continue to move forward towards my desired outcome, I’m already winning with each step of progress I make.”

5. Embrace compliments from others

Do you shrug off kind words from others? I had a problem with this too for a very long time. If you do too, it’s time to realize that most of us don’t go out of our way to praise another unless we’re quite impressed with something they did.

  • When you prosper, or use your talents and capacities in a positive or productive way, people take note of it and often comment about it. Accept praise and compliments from others with open arms and keep up the great work!

6. Do a personal inventory

Take stock of when you’ve been the most prosperous or successful in your life.

  • What are your major successes?
  • What have you done well?
  • What are you the most proud of?

In a previous post “6 Simple Tips To Help You Discover Your Natural Talents” we mentioned how weird it is that most of us are better at expressing our weaknesses rather than our strengths.

This is what can be called a “self-expressing destructive behavior” and if you can change that with knowing what you’re good at, it will not only boost your mood, self-esteem and self-confidence but it will be something you can hold on to at all times, even when the road get’s rough.

7. Remind yourself of your positive character traits

In the same trend as the previous topic, you will gain high value if you can spend some time making the connection between who you are, your talents, your capacities, and your positive character traits with the abundance you’ve already received in your life.

Contemplating on these positive elements will make it so more easy to demonstrate a mindset and attitude of someone who is confident without being arrogant, and someone who knows where he/she is going.

8. Recognize prosperity comes in all “flavors”

Although money is a nice way to show notice of your stellar performance, you can also prosper in other ways. You might get more perks at work. Maybe you’ll be recognized in your field by getting an award. Perhaps you’ll become the “go to” person whenever people are facing a challenge.

Just stay on the lookout for evidence of your growing richness and prosperity in life, beyond the manifestation of physical money. Some of these might actually have much more value to you. And if they do, it’s good to recognize that to further discover what is really important for you in your life.

9. See the power you have in your own life

When you take responsibility to traverse life’s challenges on your own terms, you’ll truly feel your own strength growing with each step. The more challenges you overcome, the more you will prosper when you step up and the easier it becomes when you make the decision to progress and prosper in ways beyond what you have now.

10. Find the successes in your daily actions

However a situation concludes, consider your actions and what you did well or what you could do better. When you contemplate on the progress you make everyday, you’ll discover certain habits and patterns that are not supporting you. When they start to jump up at you, it not only becomes clear why you were procrastinating or making no progress, but it becomes so much more easy to address them, make the change, and create more productive behaviors that support the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Also, consider that in every negative event there are some positive aspects. Often hidden, and often they reveal themselves after time. If after a particularly challenging event, you can take some time to determine the positive aspects of the experience, you will not only progress much faster, you will tackle the next challenge with more openness and ease too.

What you believe about yourself and a situation before it occurs determines whether you’ll reap the benefits of that situation. So, prepare your mindset for prosperity by thinking like a winner. Just condition your mind that soon you’ll live the prosperous life of your dreams!

Here’s a short video of Brian Tracy named — Think Like A Winner — It complements the above topic.

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