Popular New Year Resolutions Idea Starters

Here are 16 Popular New Year Resolutions to help you get started with yours

New Year resolutions are promises people make to become better versions of themselves. Typically they are made in the last week of December or on the first day of the New Year. As a new year is like a blank page, it is the perfect time to start to reflect on your New Year Resolutions for the coming year.

How will you fill that blank page with new aims and goals?

Obviously New Year Resolutions are very personal, but to help you get started we share 16 Popular New Year Resolutions Idea Starters to introduce you to some of the most popular ones.

Goals or Resolutions?

First a note on Goals and Resolutions. A resolution is something you set the intention for. However, it is not very powerful in regards to successfully accomplishing New Year Resolutions. Therefore we suggest that once you have set your intention, move your resolution a step further and transform your intention into a concrete GOAL. Goals have a much higher success rate compared to resolutions. And if you also want to invest in personal development that supports your New Year Resolutions and Goals, suddenly they will have major long-term effects on your life. Therefore we invite you to make them carefully and whole-heartedly.

In regards to adding personal development elements to your goals and resolutions, you might want to read this article:
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Here are 16 of the most popular New Year Resolutions Idea Starters:

  1. Get Fit
    The most import resolution to make for your well- being, is to get your body in shape. Are you ready to create an exercise plan that will work for you?
  2. Better money management
    Making a promise to yourself that you’ll safe money instead of wasting it will become helpful in the future. You’ll thank yourself for making this decision.
  3. Spend more time with family/friends
    We often regret later in life that we didn’t spend enough quality time with the people that are important to us. Something to work on?
  4. Learn something new
    Continual education and learning exciting new things can have a major impact on your life and happiness. Is there something new you want to learn?
  5. Develop a hobby
    If you are often sitting idle and feel like you are waisting your time consider developing a hobby. One that interests you and makes you happy.
  6. Avoid procrastination
    Having a hard time to complete things? Do you need to abandon this barrier, blocking your way to success as soon as possible?
  7. Contribute towards charity
    If your income is above the average, consider becoming more benevolent, spend money on the poor, or contribute in a positive and productive way.
  8. Become organized
    Efficiency is not doing more, but often less… Stop being messy, set priorities, organize your time table and everything will get fixed eventually.
  9. Eat healthy
    How much percentage of your daily nutrition can you consider healthy food? Do you need to stop eating junk, and increase eating more healthy?
  10. Stop social media addiction
    Always on your phone? No time to talk to real people? Put down your phone for a while, talk to real people and stop being so obsessed with social media.
  11. Be motivated
    Change your mindset and promise to do every task with full heart and motivation; that’s a beautiful way to enjoy what you do, while you succeed too…
  12. Spend less time talking and more time doing
    Stop gossiping. Instead learn to turn things around. Spend more time thinking about solutions and contribute towards doing the things that need to be done.
  13. Become proactive
    Take charge of whatever you’re doing, brainstorm ideas, tasks, and To Do’s. Jot them down in a Success Planner. Then focus on action, doing, and proceed with your ideas.
  14. Travel more
    Discovering new countries, places, and cultures, broadens the mind. Travel around the world and explore new things with an open mind.
  15. Start recycling, plant trees
    Contribute towards decreasing climate destruction by recycling stuff. Make the environment more clean by planting trees and greenery.
  16. Take better care of yourself
    Make yourself a priority and take more time for “ME-TIME”. Take care of your sleep and health, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

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