How To Meditate Part 5 — Binaural Beats for Meditation

Binaural Beats Help You Reach A Deeper Meditative State

Binaural beats can be an effective tool in reaching untapped meditative states. For some people, reaching a state of relaxation is difficult. The brain doesn’t always cooperate with the mental state we want to achieve, so we’re left frustrated and irritated by the entire process. Especially if we are stressed, or just starting out.

Brainwave synchronization has been used for centuries, but the modern world is just beginning to realize the positive benefits. Studies now report that the use of binaural beats can hasten the process of meditation and let even experienced meditation practitioners reach meditative stages they’ve never before been able to reach.

Binaural beats for meditation selects certain brainwaves to stimulate the brain and cause deeply relaxed meditation or mental alertness, depending on the mental state you desire.

Products are especially designed to induce the desired effect, and many are available for other programs such as brainwave frequencies designed to help you quit smoking or get rid of another bad habit. There are also programs for better concentration, study, creativity, boosting energy and mental or physical healing.

How Do Binaural Beats For Meditation Work

The way binaural beats for meditation works is through a process called the “frequency-following response” effect. Headphones are required because of the variations in tone that is heard in the left ear versus the right ear.

When the brain attempts to compensate for the different sound frequencies being heard in each ear, the “frequency-following response” occurs and produces brainwave synchronization. It may sound complicated, but it’s really a very simple process of programming the brain to help achieve a desired state of mind.

You’ve likely seen CDs and/or DVDs that are specifically designed with soothing sounds such as ocean waves, gentle rainfall, night sounds and others that are to be used for relaxation, meditation and achieving a deeper and more advantageous sleep.

Binaural beats takes that technology many steps further by using brainwaves to help create altered states of mind. Meditation is one of the most popular uses for binaural beats because it’s been proven to help heal the body and reach mental states that expand the mind.

Binaural Beats To Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the big factors that people today are trying to deal with, and some turn to harmful medications to help alleviate symptoms that stress and anxiety cause. Using binaural beats for meditation can help you reach a state of deep relaxation and force the brain to handle stress in a more natural way.

There are hundreds of great binaural beat audios that you can download for free on the Internet. Some of the freebies don’t offer the best frequencies, so do your research before you download free products. It’s better to pay a small price for a product that will do you the most good rather than waste time and effort on a free, low quality product.

Some sites offer samples of their products so you can hear before you buy. There are so many varieties of binaural beats for meditation that you’re bound to find one or more that you enjoy.
Many products offer the binaural beats in the form of music or other soothing sounds — so do your homework before making a decision.

GMM_2_Cover_3D_376x499And if you want to learn more about binaural beats, check out Great Mindset Magazine Issue #2 to learn why they are not only the new trend in meditation, but at the root of all the latest and newest brainwave entrainment technology.

Great Mindset Magazine #2

And if you want to start learning to meditate, one of the best resource we can recommend is the Stillness Project by Tom Cronin. You can find it here:

The Stillness Project


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