How To Meditate Part 3 — Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation Method

Transcendental meditation refers to an actual method that you can easily practice in the comfort of your own home. Transcendental is often used in conjunction with some organizations. However, in the context of this article we are referring to the method.

The technique associated with transcendental meditation is one that should be practiced twice daily, for twenty minutes or longer at a time. It is best done when in a sitting position with your eyes closed. It is a widely used meditation method for anyone wishing to improve or self-develop any aspect of their life.

Meditation works when you allow your mind to stop racing and thinking different thoughts. Instead you slow your thinking down and start to become aware of your body and your mind. This is known as finding your inner self. When you can get your mind into the correct state you will find that you are more aware, your body begins to relax and rest more, and that your brain works more sharply.
Transcendental meditation is extremely popular and is practiced by millions of people around the world. This method of meditating is known as a natural method and is used across all age groups, cultures and religions.

Due to its popularity there have been over 350 research studies done on this method of meditation. Even medical schools such as Stanford and Harvard have conducted studies.

While this method of meditation may be new to many people, it actually stems from an ancient Indian method or tradition known as Vedic. This tradition was handed down over the years and was recently introduced as the Transcendental methods by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, about 50 years ago.

The instructors and teachers that teach this method today, still use the same procedures and principles that were used thousands of years ago.

This method is very simple to implement as it requires no major use of concentrating, as other meditation methods do. The only effort that is required is for you to find a comfortable sitting position.

The process involves you transcending into a state of natural awareness. While your body becomes restful, your mind stays alert. This state is a natural response, which is why it is so easy for people to achieve. If you have never tried any form of meditation, and would like to, transcendental meditation could be a great starting point for you.

If you want to discover one of the best resource to learn to meditate, take a look at the Stillness Project by Tom Cronin. You can find it here:

The Stillness Project


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