Is Happiness More Influenced by Money or The Experience?

What Creates More Happiness, Money or The Experience?

On Elite Daily, we found a great article by Chris Riotta, where he shares his thoughts on why people who spend money on experiences are much happier than people who spend money on things.

Happiness should be the cornerstone of our lives. But did you know hat most people on this planet claim that they are LESS than 65% happy. We might think that those people who say that they are MORE than 65% happy are those who are rich, right? You think this is true?

37% of the people on Forbes List of Wealthiest Americans are less happy than the average American! And professor Daniel Kahneman of the University of Princeton shares the same findings for the British people. We do not have other studies from other countries and nations, but there is a high percentage of possibility that the findings are comparable.

Is Happiness Elusive?

So, if many of us continue to look for happiness, but fail to find it, does that means that happiness is elusive?

Actually not at all. However, happiness is a state of mind rather than soothing our mind by acquiring another possession. Therefore, people with a buying behavior for purchasing things when they are in an emotional need, or a feeling of lack in their life, have only short bursts of happiness when they focus their happiness on the “new” possessions they have or the things they buy.

However, people focusing their happiness on the experiences they have and the journey they walk, seem to be less interested in the possessions they have as they understand that “the experience” is what brings them into a longer state of “good vibrations.”

In fact, it seems the happiest people in this world have found a way to distance themselves from shopping addictions and unnecessary spending. Instead, they put their money toward travel, experience, and memories. If we all start to invest in our experiences more than in our possession, our lives will be more interesting and beautiful than anything money could buy.

Happiness Is All About The Memories We Create

According to The Huffington Post, a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology shows people who made expensive purchases on products rather than experiential investments, often devalued a new item’s worth directly after buying it.

The researchers from San Francisco State University found people do, in fact, understand life is all about the memories we create, but we get so caught up in trends and demand that we cave and make purchases we’ll inevitably regret.

Before they even made the purchases, study participants said life experiences would be more beneficial than buying the latest and greatest items on their wish lists.

After buying whatever their heart temporarily desired, participants soon realized they would much rather have put that money toward an experience, which would have increased their happiness for a more sustained amount of time.

Place Happiness At The Forefront Of Your Mind

Obviously, we are surrounded by so much Marketing Power, that each day we’re convinced to buy things we don’t need, spend money we don’t have and purchase garbage that loses its value within a matter of weeks.

But why buy the latest phone when you can put that $400 toward a plane ticket to a country you’ve never been before?

People who constantly live with their future goals, investments and happiness at the forefront of their minds tend to live much happier lives than the rest of consumers swamped in products.

However, it’s not for us to say how you should spend your well earned money. Nevertheless, do you find yourself in the lucky category of consumers that has the buying power, and you find yourself addicted to buy and pile up stuff but regret it later? Or are you just missing happiness and meaning in your life?

If you are in one or the other, we suggest you give this topic some thought, and see if you convert your attention to the experience rather than the possession increases your satisfaction and happiness in your life.

If you want to read the full article, you can do so here:

We wish you to enjoy your journey.

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