Do You Invest In Personal Development?

One Of The Best Ways To Improve Your New Year Resolutions Is To Invest In Personal Development

We are approaching the time of year where many people will start making their traditional annual New Year Resolutions. Many will fail because they fail to invest in personal development. Some have plenty of ideas, while others will need to really think hard on what they will want to work on for the new year.

Either way, the importance is making that first step, which is “setting the intention” to improve on something in this new year. However, the most important step in making your New Year Resolutions stick is to make a plan, and then take action on it. Many set the intention, and then don’t follow-up. Unfortunately, setting the intention is not enough.

According to resent research it appears that 60 percent of us make New Year Resolutions, but only about 8 percent are successful in achieving them.

As more than half of the respondents said they fail their resolution before January 31, sadly enough we’ll have to presume that many will fail again on their New Year Resolutions in 2020 after only a few weeks in the new year.

There are many reasons for this. As mentioned before, failing to make a plan and not taking action, are the most important ones. However, another important one – and one that many seem to neglect or forget – is to invest in personal development.

Planning and executing on your personal development in a way that supports the New Year Resolution or goal you have set, will be one of the smartest things you can do to succeed. Not only will you increase your chances to succeed, you’ll also learn a new skill, attitude or habit that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Where do you want to be at the end of next year? What are your goals for success in work and life?

It becomes easier to reach your goals when you invest in personal development to improve your goal achieving abilities

According to psychologists, personal development is the process of defining your goals and how to achieve them.

Personal development includes:
• Learning to know yourself
• What is important to you
• What do you want to achieve
• What are your strengths
• What are your weaknesses
• What do you need/want to improve or develop

Individual goals vary from person to person. One person may want to achieve business success while another may hope to accomplish something completely different, like having a better relationship with their partner or finding a way to afford college for their child.

Even though people’s goals aren’t the same, the process of personal development follows the same pattern and requires the same dedication. Using this new year to invest in your personal development can help you reach any goal you chose.

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What is Important to You

Before you decide what you want to achieve, you need to understand what’s important to you personally. Unfortunately many of us set goals to please someone else. This comes because we are mentally conditioned by our environment, i.e.: our parents, teachers, religions, politicians etc. They all seem to have certain plans and expectations for us, and although most are with their best intentions, unfortunately they rarely match with what is really important at the core for YOU.

At this exact moment in time, there is something deep inside you that is looking to come out, to be explored, worked with, experienced, changed, … Generally it starts with vague observations, such as your relationship with money, a desire to travel and explore new cultures, new places, the world… Maybe it is a deeper loving relationship with your romantic partner or colleagues at work. For some it’s better health, losing weight, getting fit, …

Whatever the topic, your goals will change throughout life, but what you value today will help you define areas for your personal development that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu

This quote of Lao Tzu should help remind us that changing our life begins with small steps. You will find it hard to change everything about your entire life all at once. Personal development can help you better understand yourself and what is really important to you. That will help you make a smarter selection of the things you’ll want to prioritize. And if you are already clear on what you want, then look how you can support the achievement of your desire by improving on your personal development.

At Great Mindset we have created a number of Success Planners to help people do exactly that. In these Success Planners we have pages specifically designed for noting down wishes and needs, brainstorming ideas on goals and desires – think bucket list of things you want or need. Then we have Major Goal Section pages where you will pick a limited amount of goals. These Major Goal Section pages are for you to have a better concentration and focus when you start to work and plan on the goals that are really important to you. Those that can make a difference in your life…

Once the major goals are clear, the sub-tasks and milestones are penned into the Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Planner Sections where the realization of success will come closer and closer, till the goal is achieved.

Interested to have your own Success Planner?
You can order yours here: Great Mindset Success Planners

What Do You Want to Achieve

When you’ve determined what’s important to you, it’s time to set goals. To be effective, goals must be specific, measurable, and obtainable. “By the end of the year, I want to earn more money” isn’t very specific or measurable.

You might get a cost of living raise next year. Is that the level of improvement you were hoping to achieve? If not, set a more specific goal like a percentage or dollar amount. Be sure to make your goal obtainable, too. You need to decide if it’s possible to double your salary, for example, or if you need a more modest goal next year.

If you silently believe that you can’t achieve the goal you’ve set, you’ll probably won’t make it. That’s how the mind works. Yes, goals need to be bold, and you will hear from different sources to set high goals. However, if you subconsciously don’t believe it, or if your goal is not realistic to you, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Let’s use an example, and let’s stay with the “earning more money” topic as it’s always in the top five of the leaderboard of most popular New Year Resolutions. If you currently make $2K a month (that’s 24K/year), it’s not realistic to set a goal of making a million dollars by the end of the year. Not that it’s not possible to do that – it has been done before – but to do it in such a short time there’s a massive change to be made in your conscious and subconscious thinking.

To go from $24K a year to 1 million, you would need to make almost 4 times your yearly salary per month… That’s a huge jump for anyone to make. However, if you set yourself a goal to grow to $30-35K, which is for most already a big jump and certainly much more than the yearly salary increase… – it’s doable.

And if you are really bold and motivated, go ahead and set a goal to double, triple or quadruple your income. However, if you do that, you should at least already have some concrete ideas how you will get to that level, or completely focus on ideas and plans that will make it possible.

Nobody can tell you what the right goal is for you, but a good formula to work with is to make the goal challenging. Not so much to be unrealistic and out of reach, but also not so easy that it doesn’t really challenge you.

Here’s something to look for:
What is the emotion you feel with the goal? Does it excites you? If you currently make $2K a month, making $500 a month extra will make a difference to you. But is the difference enough to really excite you? If that’s a clear yes, perfect. Use that as your indicator to set your goal.

If you can see a better life for you when you achieve your goal, and it makes you exciting, and you believe it can be done, your goal has just become totally feasible.

And you know what, if you reached your goal much faster than you anticipated, just change it on the go. Create a new goal, increase the amount, lower your target body weight, spend more romantic time with your spouse, or do more of whatever it is that makes you happy and proud.

Your Strengths

The next step in personal improvement is to determine what your strengths are and how you can use them to achieve your goals. By looking at what’s important to you and setting goals, you can match your strengths to your plan for achievement. You may already possess many of the skills and abilities you need to reach your goals. Determining your strengths helps to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence by reminding you that you can carry out your plan and move forward.

“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”


What You Need to Improve or Develop

Once you’ve determined your strengths, you will also know what you need to improve. You may have the skills to complete an intricate project but might need to solve your procrastination. Or maybe you need to develop your patience and improve your planning and time management skills to followthrough till the end. Even if you want to eat healthier, you may need to improve your knowledge of which foods are better for you.

Knowing what you need to improve or develop gives you guidelines for what to focus on in your personal development. Taking these steps to personal improvement will help you grow. It also helps to categorize your goals into areas for improvement based on what is important to you.

When you are considering what to focus on this new year, think about these areas for personal development:

Professional Goals

If you plan to focus on your professional growth this year, your personal development may include several professional goals. Consider which of these goals will help you obtain success and decide if you need to improve or develop the skills required to achieve them.

  • Build Your Professional Relationships and Network
  • Improve Your Planning and Time Management Skills
  • Find New Challenges that Showcase Your Strengths
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Develop Your Professional Skills Through Workshops and Classes
  • Develop Your Focus, Increase Your Productivity, Hire a coach…

Lifestyle Goals

Your goals may be more focused on your personal life and happiness this year. A change to your lifestyle may mean you need to improve or develop the skills required to achieve success throughout your life.

  • Improve your Health
  • Strengthen Personal Relationships
  • Practice Patience
  • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Become a Better Listener
  • Create more “Me”-time in Your Busy Calendar

Investing in your personal development this new year can help you achieve greater goals and find more happiness in life. By taking the necessary steps to identify what’s important to you and what you want to achieve, as well as determining your strengths and areas for improvement, you can move forward. Choosing the right goals can start from any thought or idea, but achieving your goals will benefit when you integrate goals for your personal development!

One of the best ways to achieve your desired goals is to have a personal coach, or an accountability partner. Someone that can have a big impact on you and someone you can trust to understand you and only have the best intentions for you. Obviously, that’s not available to everyone, but the next best way is to have a personal companion in the form of a personal journal or planner.

When you start to journal you will find that many answers to improve your life are already within you. Often time we just need the time to listen to our inner guidance that is available to all of us. Meditation is one way, but a journal seems to work for everyone. If you’ve never tried it, just give it a go, it might do wonders for you too.

And if you want to take it a step further, then you should use – or combine your journal with – a planner. Writing down what comes to mind in a journal, and then chunking it into concrete steps in a planner makes your thoughts and ideas more concrete. You can meditate or think about a subject all day long, but unless you take concrete action steps, not much will happen. That’s where a planner comes in.

If you are interested in a Success Planner that combines many sections into one personal book to help you with your New Year Resolutions and Goals, we invite you to check out our [email protected] Success Planners. You can find them here: Great Mindset Success Planners

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