How To Stop Holiday Shopping Stress

How to Get All of Your Holiday Shopping Done With No Stress!

Everyone looks forward to the holidays, but no one likes the holiday shopping stress that they often deliver. Follow these simple tips on how to stop holiday shopping stress and you may just enjoy the holidays with your friends and family as they were intended – experiencing the joy of spending this important time with your loved ones, rather than stressing and worrying about the entire process.

Limit the Credit Purchases

The average family in the United States spends around $700 on holiday related expenses annually. If you put that on a charge card with 18% APR interest and pay the minimum each month, it will take you 3 stress-filled years and an additional $200 in interest to pay off the debt. And that is downright stressful. (Use the next tip to ensure you have enough cash to get all of your holiday shopping done with no credit card stress.)

Budget to Save For Holiday Shopping All Year Long

Paying for all of your holiday shopping purchases with cash is a great feeling. Not only does it eliminate the leading cause of holiday stress, you just feel great doing it. Saving just $20 every week by skipping a few expensive coffees, unhealthy trips to the fast food store or some other indulgence guarantees $1,000 of stress-free holiday shopping cash at the end of the year. It may be too late to apply it this year, but when you feel stressed now, vow to put this savings plan in place for next year and it’ll hopefully bring you some calm!

Spend More Time on Activities and Less Time on “Things”

The holidays should be about spending time with your family and friends. Activities enjoying the company of your loved ones are more important than waiting in long lines to get that limited-edition Black Friday toy, aren’t they? Socializing actually increases the levels of a hormone in humans called Oxytocin. This eliminates stress, and gives you a calming, peaceful feeling. Spend more time socializing and interacting with your friends and family this holiday season, and less time scrambling around buying gifts.

Shop Smart … Plan Before You Go

If you plan your shopping activities well before the holidays arrive, you are guaranteed to benefit from less stress. At any time during the year you can make a list of exactly who and what you need to shop for. Keep this list on you year-round. Refer to it frequently, and pick up those perfect gifts whenever you see them.

And if you absolutely must be a part of the holiday shopping madness, you can stop the holiday shopping stress by planning before you go. A stress-free way of doing this is to divide your gift purchasing duties among several family members, coordinating with sales and specials in your area.

Handle Your Purchases Online

Your smartphone, tablet or PC gives you access to all of the toys, decorations, gifts and products in the world. So why not stop holiday shopping stress by relaxing at home and make all of your holiday shopping choices while sipping your favorite beverage? Aside from relieving stress, online shopping puts you within worldwide reach of bargains and specials you cannot access locally.

It also saves you time and money spent on physical shopping and buying fuel for your vehicle. Go online for all of your holiday shopping, and a stress-free, enjoyable holiday season is the gift you give yourself.

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