How to Choose a New Year’s Resolution to Focus Upon

If you have a big list, here is how to choose a new year’s resolution you can stick with

If you are like many millions of people around the world that have made a big list of New Year Resolutions you might struggle to choose a New Year’s Resolution to focus upon. When you have a big list of resolutions, goals and desires, it can be hard to settle on just one resolution.

Although a big list of small goals and resolutions is one of the most common reasons why people fail with being successful attaining their New Year Resolutions, you don’t need to throw away your list and start all over again. Later in the article you will see how to use them in a more effective way.

The problem with a big list is that it is too difficult to really focus on so many resolutions and by the end of this month your motivation might sorely be lacking. When your mind is scattered, so is your focus, and so are your results.

Instead, your best option this year is to find one resolution that is big enough to be a little bit intimidating and challenging. Enough to push you slightly out of your comfort zone, but not so much so that it is unattainable. One that is realistic and that you feel if you put all your effort into it can be attained. One that if you just think about making it stick and succeed will have a big enough impact on you and your life. A resolution or goal to feel happy an proud about.

This can be more difficult than it sounds, so how do you just settle on one New Year’s resolution this year?

The first steps in choosing a New Year’s resolution to focus upon

Your first step in choosing your resolution will be to go over your list of all the resolutions that you were thinking about making. If you didn’t make a list yet, just block out some time to brain dump and jot down anything that comes to mind that you would like to have or achieve.

Once your list is completed you want to start examining it so that you can prioritize your resolutions. Your end goal is to have a list with your most wanted resolution sitting on top.

Quite often when you start writing out your list you may find that many of your resolutions are intertwined and can be combined into one main resolution. Each portion could be defined as its own step in the process of achieving your resolution.

Your list may contain resolutions that involve buying a new home, saving additional money and changing careers. All of these could be classified as one resolution as they are all required to achieve your end goal of buying a larger home for your family.

You would divide this resolution into smaller steps. These steps would include steps such as setting up a weekly savings plan, sending out 5 resumes each week or taking a course to improve your skills, so that you can apply for a higher paying job.

If you look at them from a logical view point you can see how one builds upon another. They are all required in order to succeed with your resolution. So go through your list and group items together that relate to one main goal.

Your end result may be a list that only has two or three big resolutions and this makes it much easier for you to choose one as your main focus. You need to start somewhere with your resolutions so pick the one that has the highest priority for you. This could be one that is health related or one that is related to your finances, career, relationship, etc.

Once you have decided on your New Year’s resolution make a point to tell your family and friends about it. If you feel they are not the right people to share your resolution with, choose (or find) someone that you know will support you. Once you publicly commit to a resolution your motivation will be that much higher to actually achieve it.

You don’t want to become one of the statistics for those who fail to keep their resolution.

Breaking down your New Year’s Resolution into smaller chunks

Breaking your resolution into smaller chunks will also make it easier for you to keep working on it daily. If your resolution is based around buying a new home then work backwards and write out all the steps you need to take to make this come true. This includes going into tons of details and knowing exactly each week or month how much money you should be saving for it. The more details you include the clearer you path to your resolution will be.

By outlining all the required steps of your path that are required to completing your resolution, there will be a certain clarity embedded in your mind that will help keep you motivated until you reach it.

If you have tried to stick with your New Year Resolution’s before, and failed to succeed, don’t just read the words, take notes, and most importantly take action.

We all know on an intelligent level what we need to do. Every overweight person knows how to lose weight, and every person that is struggling financially knows what they have to do to make more money. But the truth is that most people just don’t do what they know.

If you want to loose weight, you don’t need the 100 books and courses, you know that if you choose a diet plan that has a lot of good recommendations and testimonials, and you stick to following the plan, you will loose weight. No matter what.

So is it with creating your list and plan to successfully achieve this New Year’s resolution that you’ve set for yourself. Apart of the simplicity a list and a plan makes, there is power in imagining your end goal and the clarity of your vision.

The way the brain is connected to your emotions and desires makes a big impact on your success rate if you apply them. However by the time you sit down to choose a New Year’s Resolution to focus upon this year, you will have forgotten at least half of the information we wrote out for you. Especially if you didn’t take notes.

That’s why we made a condensed checklist, so you can check of each step and increase your chances to succeed. Note that this works for any resolution or goal you will set.

Here is a checklist you can use for your New Year’s resolutions or any goal you want to achieve:

O – Jot down anything that comes to mind that you want to have or achieve
O – Examine your list so that you can prioritize your resolutions or goals
O – Identify the goals and resolutions that are intertwined and can be combined
O – Create a new list with your most wanted resolution sitting on top
O – Group items together that relate to one main goal
O – Define each portion as it’s own step in achieving your main resolution
O -Break your main resolution into smaller chunks underneath the main resolution
O – Work backwards and write down all the steps you need to take
O – Prioritize each smaller step in order to fit your personality and lifestyle
O – Copy them over to a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goal calendar/planner
O – Commit publicly to your resolution
O – Find someone that is supportive to see you succeed

If you have done the above steps you now have the first draft of a step-by-step plan to achieve your main goal. Your mind is clear about what to do, what to focus upon and the first steps to take. And while you are on your way to achieve the success that you seek, new thoughts and ideas will come to mind, and you just add them to your list in the spot you think is most appropriate.

Check off the boxes one by one

The more boxes you can check off, the closer you come to achieving your goal. Many times when you use this system, you will see that you achieve your goals much faster than you anticipated. But, if you have set some big and bold goals, it might take longer than a year to get there. However, even if you would not make it to the end of your list by the end of the year, it’s not a failure because at least with every box you have checked off, you have made progress towards achieving a resolution or goal that has importance to you. The more boxes you have checked off, the more progress you’ve made and the closer you are to your final success. Just continue on your path, and soon you will arrive.

Additionally to the checklist above, you can use the checklist below to make sure you choose a New Year’s resolution or goal that is big enough to make you enthusiastic and keep your focus:

O – Big enough to be a little bit intimidating and challenging
O – Slightly out of your comfort zone
O – But still attainable
O – Bold but Realistic
O – You feel you can attain your goal or resolution if you put all your effort into it
O – One that you can imagine and visualize clear enough to make it feel real
O – One that will have a big impact on you and your life
O – One that will make you feel happy and proud about

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