Great Mindset Magazine #5 – What’s Inside

Learn How To Use The Amazing Power Of The Human Brain

As usual with Great Mindset Magazine, we have put together a very special edition. This time around a number of topics and techniques that each can be used individually to great benefit for a number of important aspects in your life. However, when used combined, they are like stacking up your amazing creative power to help you mold and attract the experiences in life of your own choosing.

If you want to find out all that you get with Great Mindset Magazine #5, inclusive all the bonuses that come with this magazine you can go straight to the full overview at the official announcement page here:

But in case you first want to know a little bit more about some of the topics we cover in Great Mindset Magazine edition #5, read on…

GMM5-1 Content Overview
In the editor’s letter, we talk about the human brain being not only an amazing organ, but being the source of all our thoughts, intuitions, reasoning, emotions, cognition and more. It’s a structural machine that has power beyond our comprehension. Yet, it’s amazing how often each of us takes this extremely powerful system for granted as we drift unaware through our day.

However, when tapped into the power of the human mind, truly amazing things start to happen. Literal miracles can, and do occur when people begin to consciously think and then act accordingly. That’s why in this edition of Great Mindset Magazine, we’ll take a closer look at some of the incredible things each of us can accomplish when we put our “minds” to it…;)

GMM5-2 Law of AttractionHow To Master The Law Of Attraction

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Law of Attraction. Many fail because they think it’s enough to think positive, but the Law of Attraction is more than a belief or positive thoughts. If you can learn to understand that the Law of Attraction goes beyond thought, you’ll change forever your experience with this highly controversial topic.

If you’re ready to discover what really makes the Law of Attraction work, this is for you!

GMM5-3 Mindful MotivationMindful Motivation For Creating Your Best Life

Looking around, you can see that people live many different types of lives. But so many of them aren’t really present in the life that they’re living. Plus, they’re not taking the steps that they could to create the best life possible.

By using mindful motivation, you can create a life that brings you great relationships, enables you to meet your life goals and sets you free from negative emotions.

GMM5-4 Creative VisualizationCreative Visualization and the Amazing Power of the Human Brain

In the past decade or so, there has been much talk about something that is age-old, but now has a name. That name is “creative visualization”.

You’ve probably heard the term before. It’s often used by athletes, and is one of the best techniques you can use to boost your results with the Law of Attraction, or anything related to your personal life, career and/or business development.

GMM5-5 MeditationMaking The Most Of Meditation

Meditation used to be an art form that dates back thousands of years, and is well known for being practiced by monks and other religious or spiritual people. But today, meditation is associated with many health benefits for the mind and body.

While at one time there may have been strict guidelines and expectations to meditation, today, how you meditate and where is more of a personal choice.

GMM5-6 Combat Fatigue10 Ways To Combat Fatigue & Increase Vitality

Many people have desk jobs or sit around all day, which, while not using much actual energy, tend to make us feel zapped and more tired because physical movement begets energy.

We spend time wishing we had more energy, and take unhealthy shortcuts by downing energy drinks to keep us going. Fortunately, there are natural and more effective ways to combat fatigue and increase your energy and vitality.

GMM5-6 Yoga Health BenefitsThe Health Benefits Of Yoga

Are you amongst those folks, who believe that for one reason or another you just can’t do yoga?

Well guess what…anyone, including you, can do yoga. There are few fitness programs that offer a broad scope of health benefits. Running, for example strengthens your cardiovascular system and strength training builds muscle. Yoga is one of the few fitness programs that can accomplish both and much more.

GMM5-7 Self-AwarenessSelf-Awareness – Discover Your True Self

Self-awareness is the most important aspect of personal development. It determines nearly everything else, including whether you’re able to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

With self-awareness, you can change deeply held beliefs if they don’t serve you well. As you peel away the layers, you’ll discover wonderful things about yourself when you become more aware.

GMM5-8 MinimalismMinimalism – Is It For You?

When you hear the word minimalism, do you think of living off the land? If so, you are not alone.

Minimalism is not necessarily about giving up everything you own, sitting crossed-legged in a field of daisies, and eating berries of the bush. Many minimalists have fine homes, cars, careers, and families that they adore.

Minimalism is truly about making happiness a top priority by getting rid of the excesses.

The above topics should give you enough information in order for you to have a clear idea of what you can expect in Great Mindset Magazine Edition #5.

We hope you realize the insane value you get for the small price of a Magazine.

GMM_5_3D_376That said, if you are a first time customer, you’ll probably don’t realize that Great Mindset Magazine looks like a magazine, is formatted like a magazine, and has the price of a magazine. However, it’s actually much more than a magazine.

That’s because we don’t just throw a bunch of unrelated articles about self-growth together, we actually create more in depth insights and complement the topics we write about with practical steps you can implement immediately into your daily life.

Not only that, but with each issue of Great Mindset Magazine, you get additional bonus reports and workbooks. To see everything you get with Great Mindset Magazine #5, go here:


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