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We intend to regularly publish magazines, ebooks and reports that cover some of the subjects discussed on this site, in a broader matter than a blog post or article.

Some products will be sold, and others will be available for free. We will probably move these free downloads over to a membership site, so that you don’t have to fill in your contact details for every magazine, book or report we release. However for the time being you can start with these…;)

33 Self-Improvement Tips

33 Self-Improvement Tips magazinestack_700x906

33 Tips For Self-Improvement You Can Start Today, is a small bundle of 33 Tips and Techniques to create new habits that will improve your life. The Tips fall into the following categories:

  • 4 Tips to Make More Time For Yourself
  • 5 Tips to Start Keeping a Journal
  • 6 Tips to Start Your Day The Right Way
  • 6 Tips to Become The Person You Envision
  • 7 Tips to Get Organized
  • 5 Tips to Incorporate Health Goals

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Ho’oponopono — An Island Tradition of Self-Healing

Ho'oponopono Free Report

The island cultures have given us many traditions of self-healing which are now being resurrected in our modern day society.

One of these is the tradition of Ho’oponopono.

South Pacific islands such as the Hawaiian Islands, Samoa, New Zealand and Tahiti used priests trained within a family or by shamans to use Ho’oponopono for healing practices. Today’s modern version of Ho’oponopono can be performed alone or by a family member or therapist. The Hawaiian Dictionary defines Ho’oponopono as a “mental cleansing” and we suggest you’ll just try it.

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