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Learning to transform your mind is one of the most important steps you can take in your journey of personal growth. Without the proper mindset it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on personal development books, self-help training courses, or success achievement workshops.

If you allow others to talk yourself out of your dreams before you even begin to pursue them. If you often envision yourself achieving great things, and then fail on the execution because you follow this up with a negative thought process. Or if you often feel lost or paralyzed because you’re afraid you might make the wrong decision, you might want to register for the Transform Your Mind Summit.

Nine out of ten people fail with keeping their resolutions or achieving their goals. That’s not because they don’t know what to do, but rather because they can’t control their mind to keep their focus and motivation up to the level to follow through till they’ve achieved the success they seek.

All successful people have at least one thing in common: A Success Mindset. And it doesn’t matter if they are an artist, an athlete, an inventor or a business person, they all have learned to transform their mind to rise above their own personal troubles, fears and negative thought processes. They have learned to focus their mind on what can move them forward and closer to their goal, and what’s most important in the moment.

If you have read book after book, or watched video after video and nothing seems to work, you might want to check your calendar and take note of the dates for the Transform Your Mind Summit.

Get Free Access To The Transform Your Mind Summit

The Transform Your Mind Summit is a Summit where you can learn from 28 of the world top Healthy Mind & Peak Performance experts on how to create healthy habits, beliefs and rituals to get more energy, focus and flow.

The Transform Your Mind Summit is an online event that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. It starts April 4 and runs daily till April 17, 2016. The nice thing about this summit is that you won’t need to sit all day behind your PC in order not to miss anything. With 2 topics per day, you’ll probably cover the speakers presentation with planning out 2 times 30 to 45 minutes per day.

They are currently giving away free access passes to the Transform Your Mind Summit. That’s a $497 value! But on top of that, when you’ll register before the summit starts, you’ll receive over $1,327 in additional FREE bonus materials and training courses.

To check out if you can still grab your free access pass, and what all the free bonuses are about, you can learn more by going here:

Transform Your Mind Summit Free Access Pass
More Info On The Transform Your Mind Summit

The Transform Your Mind Summit is hosted by Mitch Asser, founder of Optimal Energy Project, and NLP Practitioner & Holistic Health Coach. With over 6,000 people in his online courses he has experience beyond knowledge, and is committed to bring you the latest cutting edge mind transformation strategies to help you live a healthy life with more energy, focus and flow.

If you want to go beyond simple goal setting and affirmations, if you want to understand and address the root cause of your mindset, if you want to reclaim your healthy beliefs, a powerful mindset and begin to live the life you’ve always wanted you might want to check out the 28 incredible speakers they have lined up for the 2016 Transform Your Mind Summit.

Go here to see who is presenting and what each session is about.

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