Finding Self Motivation

Seek Your True Self And Find What Really Motivates You

To find your real self-motivation, the one that stays with you no matter what, probably one of the hardest thing you would need to achieve is finding out who you really are, and then start living in harmony with that realization. As we are already mentally conditioned to look up to others as our role models, our inspiration, and our mentors, it’s not some literal question of who are you going to follow and who are you going to become…

It’s fine to have people around us that we find inspiring and motivating. However, listen to them to learn, but finding your real self-motivation will come to you once you build your own character and personality rather than growing in the images of others.

Try to remember how the famous people in history became who they were remembered. They never had to follow any people before them nor were they forced to become what they are not. Finding self-motivation by becoming and living your life as who you are is one great thing to look forward to.

Heres is a motivational video from Anthony Robbins. However, it’s not just a video that will motivate you, he also talks about finding your true self.

Why Is It Important To Seek Your True Self?

Looking for your true self can often seem more like searching for the next puzzle piece. For some it can be quick and easy, but for most of us it is rather a long process and a part of steadily building the big picture that lies ahead of our life.

If you are at all interested in mastering the art of self motivation, you will need to find your true self. And we would suggest you start as early as NOW! Take a good look at yourself and ask, “Who am I and what do I want to become?” and then ask yourself “Why? Why do I want this?”

When you find the answer to these power questions, you will find all the self-motivation you need, and the rest is just following the right path. Understanding your dreams and desires will help you establish a set of goals that will eventually lead to fulfilling that task of become that greater person that you want to be.

Act Your Character: Be Who You Want To Be

The world wouldn’t have been the same if the most influential people who ever existed never had the guts to act out on their own will and carve a name and a brand for themselves. Self-motivation comes automatically when you uplift your spirits not only by merely trying to think of who you are going to be, but rather acting on it and doing it for the sake of your dreams and future. Nobody holds your own life but you. The life we live cannot be defined by anyone else nor can they withhold the person you are to be once you act it out, unless you allow them to. Don’t do that.

The hardest point in self-motivation to achieving this is the very beginning. The first step is always the hardest but if you keep walking you will soon experience that it becomes easier and easier with every next step. Always bear in mind, how you act is who you become. If you decide to act as a winner, it might take you a while, but you’ll definitely end up being a winner. If not today, maybe tomorrow, or the day after that. Although it might yet look or feel uncertain in this moment right now, you will definitely get there once you learn to act like the character and person you see within yourself.

We wish you to enjoy the wonderful journey of self-discovery.

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