Beginners Meditation – What You Should Know Before You Start

What Beginners Should Know About Meditation

If you ask a group of people who practice meditation on a regular basis, what meditation is, you will get different answers, and all these different answers have different meanings too. That’s because meditation is a very personal and individual experience. Even in a “group meditation,” which is a form of “guided meditation” the experience will be very individual for each participant in the group activity.

After reading the previous paragraph, you might already understand that although “meditation” is one simple word, there are many different interpretations as well as several different types that you can find under the term “meditation.” The most used terms are Vipassana meditation or also called Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual Meditation, Transcendental Meditation or also called Mantra Meditation, Guided Visualization Meditation, Qi Gong Meditation, Yoga Meditation, and the list goes on and on and on

Some of these forms are easier for beginners to get started with because some are simpler in nature. The many forms of meditation – even those where you just sit and listen to a binaural beat or a brainwave entrainment audio – all offer great physical, mental, and spiritual benefit to those that take the time out of their busy days to practice them. However all of these forms are deviations of the original form of meditation, where you are not doing anything at all — bodily, mentally, on no level — when all activity has ceased and you simply ARE — JUST BE — that’s what the original real form of meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it, you have only to understand it.

All of the above forms of meditation are therefore deviations from the original form of mediation, which is the ultimate state of JUST BE. Nevertheless, because we find it so difficult to stop the chatter in our mind, and just be, the above techniques or practices can help us quiet our mind, and reap the rewards of the many benefits of meditation because of the lower vibrational frequency of our brainwaves, and the slower deeper breaths when we are in a relaxed state.

Here is a video of OSHO: Meditation Is a Very Simple Phenomenon, that is a must see for everyone, beginner or advanced meditation practitioner, to remind us of the simplicity of Mediation, and what meditation is all about. It also helps beginners to understand that mediation techniques are methods to learn, first steps to take to one day be able to let go of all the techniques that you have practiced and learned on your journey, because in that one moment you are not doing anything at all, not focusing on your breathing, not repeating any mantra, not listening to music or a binaural beat…nothing bodily, mentally, on no level. That’s when you ARE! JUST BE!

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