The Amazing Power of the Human Mind

Miracles Can and Do Occur When People Tap Into the Amazing Power of the Human Mind

The human brain is not only an amazing organ, but a structural machine that fuels our mind and has power beyond our comprehension. The product of millions of years of evolution, it is the source of all our thoughts, intuitions, reasoning, emotions, cognition and more.

With over 85 billion neurons, or nerve cells, connected by trillions of synapses, the network of the brain is beyond amazing. If one were able to see the brain operating in real time it would closely resemble a galaxy. Each neural synapse point would resemble a star and the entire three dimensional structure would shimmer with energy.

Yet, it’s amazing how often each of us takes this extremely powerful system for granted. We drift through the day unaware of the power that lies just below the surface of our skulls. However, when tapped into the amazing power of the human mind, truly amazing things start to happen. Literal miracles can, and do occur when people begin to consciously think and then act accordingly.

For Many People Meditation Is Still A Mystery

By now, everyone knows about the many mental and physical benefits of meditation. And how learning to lower brainwave frequencies in our brain not only reduces stress, but also elevates your mood and is the secret of the great health and a long lifespan of Tibetan monks.

GMM5-5 MeditationHowever, for many people meditation is still a mystery, and that’s why we address how you can make the most of meditation in Great Mindset Magazine edition #5. We address this age old practice in a way that is beneficial for both total newbies to meditation as well as those that have an on-and-off relationship with practicing meditation.

Scientific findings in meditation are at the basics of new Brainwave Entrainment Technology — which has the ability to induce to a novice the same brainwave frequencies as a Tibetan monk that practiced meditation for his entire life. However, there is still a huge advantage to learn the basic techniques of meditation and controlling your mind.

Why? Because if we can learn to reduce and increase our brainwave frequencies at will, this offers a plenitude of other advantages, like the Power of Creative Visualization and how to master your thoughts.

You probably haven’t heard about Morris Goodman who almost died in a plane crash. That’s no surprise. But in Great Mindset Magazine edition #5 you’ll learn more about his incredible story that left doctors in amazement about the huge power of the mind and the influence it has on our physical apparatus.

Learning to master your thoughts isn’t only handy for creating miracles and learning to master the Law of Attraction — which we all apply, even if you’re not aware of it — but for everyone who wants to have more control over their health, emotions, moods, attitudes, habits, energy levels, and positive outcomes.

Everyone Wants Success

Everyone wants to be a success in both their personal and professional lives. And everyone want’s to have it come to them in the most easy and effortless way. That’s why The Secret and all the books and courses about the Law Of Attraction are in such a high demand. However, I hate to have to brake this news to you, but although the Law Of Attraction “is”, in order to ATTRACT SUCCESS, it’s not enough to think “positive” and imagine and think about your super successful and prosperous life.

It sure helps but is only a part of the manifestation process. Although those that learn to control their minds, and master visualizations and the outcomes they desire will be more successful compared to those that don’t, there are a few techniques and practices that need to be learned to move the vibration from thought throughout the whole cycle of the MANIFESTATION PROCESS.

Even after years of exploration there is still a lot of confusion around Meditation, Creative Visualization, and the Law of Attraction. Therefore we thought that these three topics — that are all related to this amazing power of the human mind — needed some more clarification. In Great Mindset Magazine #5, we address these topics in more depth and take a closer look at some of the amazing things each of us can accomplish when we put our “minds” to it.

GMM_5_3D_376As usual, with each edition of Great Mindset Magazine, we have a few additional bonuses such as extra workbooks and checklists to help you implement what you learn on an intellectual level into a more practical method that you can apply in your everyday life.

To learn more about all the topics that we cover in Great Mindset Magazine edition #5, inclusive all the bonuses that come with this magazine, click the cover of the magazine on the left, or go here:

Great Mindset Magazine #5


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