Adult Book Coloring For Stress Relief

Can Adult Book Coloring Help to De-Stress?

As a child we know that book coloring is fun, relaxing & provides hours of creative pleasure. But Adult Book Coloring, apart of being an affordable craft hobby you can do anywhere, seems to have a healthy effect on your brain and mind functions too. The simple act of focus to stay in the lines does something with your brain and mental state that seems to help reduce stress and enhance focus and creativity.

Adults across the globe are suddenly going crazy over adult book coloring, and the current coloring book craze seems to boom. A phenomenon that book publishers have never seen before. What we ware wondering about is, if adult book coloring could be a good alternative for people that have difficulty to meditate?

So why is it that adults are rabidly coloring in these books as quickly as publishers can churn them out?

Some people say that apart of getting their mind away of the daily worries and stress, book coloring is healthy, very meditative, some even say it’s their new Zen.

Here is a short video about how Coloring books for adults helps relief stress:

Apart of the nostalgia for childhood memories, psychologists frequently rave about the stress-relieving effects of book coloring for adults, and it also stimulates creativity. Yes, the pictures are drawn for you, but the color scheme is all up to you. This makes that the possibilities are endless.

When Yahoo Makers posted about Lambert’s book coloring habit, their readers wrote in in droves to share their own colorful adventures. And from their comments, Sid Lipsey, was able to identify four common reasons grown-ups decide to get their Crayolas on.

The current adult book coloring craze was ignited in 2013, when Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford published “Secret Garden.” The seemingly obscure offering had an initial printing of 16,000, but has since exploded into a runaway international bestseller, selling nearly 6 million copies — almost 4 million in the past five months alone, according to Debra Matsumoto, marketing manager at Laurence King publishers.

While the trend has been fueled through social media, it has also spawned all sorts of offline gatherings — book coloring clubs, meet-ups, even coloring parties at bars.

But not everyone’s a fan. Critics say grown-up book coloring is infantilizing and escapist — however, they seem to avoid to look at their own “immature” behavior that all of us do in one way or another to escape our daily cores and stress. Russell Brand satirized the trend in a video entitled, “Adult Coloring Books: Are They the Apocalypse?”

In a recent article Inside the Adult Coloring Book Craze by Robin Stein, published on Yahoo News we can read that the party goers at the Grey Horse Tavern say book coloring helps them cope with some very adult problems.

“When you have cancer it’s very stressful,” said Christine Fedorys, a former research scientist and mother of three. “But you have this beautiful picture and you can think about where you’ve been and where you want to go. It’s soothing.”

“I love it,” said Nichole Schmidt, a stay-at-home mom. “It’s very meditative. It gets me away from the kids. And this is my Zen.”

Not only is the adult book coloring boom sending shock-waves through the publishing world, it’s also inspiring artists to think outside the lines.

Canadian artist Steve McDonald told Yahoo News that for years he showed his grand cityscapes in art galleries and relied on a client base of about a thousand customers, but with his new adult coloring book, “Fantastic Cities,” he’s reaching far more people — and inviting them to collaborate in his work.

Steve McDonald said the mass outpouring of creativity and praise in response to his coloring book has been humbling.

“I thought creating and producing something like a coloring book, maybe that was beneath me as an artist,” he said. “I’ve come to realize that that was a silly opinion to have.”

“Instead of just creating one piece and putting it on a gallery wall, each piece gets a life that’s far more extensive and far more lasting,” McDonald said. “The idea that I’m presenting these drawings to people all over the planet and asking them to finish the drawing with their own color, to me that’s incredibly exciting.”

We think this must be the ultimate art… Some art you create and a huge mass to continue the creative process by giving their own views and colors to it… In our personal opinion, we think that must have something inspiring to an artist.

Color Monthly – A New Adult Book Coloring Membership

If you like the idea of chilling out and stimulating your creativity at the same time, we have a great resource for you: Color Monthly.

Color Monthly is a new membership just for grown up coloring enthusiasts 😉 and apart of your five free exclusive coloring pages that you’ll receive every month, they share interesting tips, tools and resources.

They design all of their own coloring pages, so you won’t be receiving coloring pages widely available on the net, as every page they deliver is of their own creation.

We like this idea of digital print a lot and ware thinking about the advantages for digital download coloring pages VS coloring books. Here are a few:

Print All You Want!

With digital coloring pages you can print and color as many copies as you like. Tip: Make copies for your kids too, because you know they’re going to want to do what you’re doing…;)

Choose Your Favorite Paper!

This is a big advantage over printed coloring books, as you can choose the paper you want to use for your artwork. And at Color Monthly you get many interesting tips like their personal love for printing on Card Stock – as it seems to stand up better to markers. They also include tips for how to print your artwork on vellum paper – because it’s so smooth and fun to work with!

Zoom In & Out At Will

PDF Designs can be printed with the design Zoomed in or out – making an intricate design easier to color or a larger design more intricate – whatever suits your coloring pleasure.

They also have a very affordable and great upgrade offer for those that want more. And they do something different in their Color Monthly Premier (Paid) packages — every month’s Premier package includes five folded card designs derived from the coloring pages. Perfectly sized to create a greeting card by printing, coloring & folding in half. How more personal can you be, by blessing others with your art in no time!

adult book coloring - folded card design

And for more colorful artistry… they also include a few pages made especially for ‘chilling out’! Flowy, loose, easy designs that let the mind wander in that wonderful way. These pages are great craft food too, as you can use these colored pages as gift wrap for small items.

They also share interesting tips, like using Vellum paper for these gift wraps, as it is gently transparent with a super smooth face you’ll love coloring on with your favorite markers! Or see how they’ve printed one design at different ‘zoom’ levels and colored each one a bit differently? You could display them on a shelf with little twinkly tea lights inside for some festive evening!

adult book coloring - vellum paper

So if coloring books are something you’re interested in, you can sign up for the free membership by using the link below. You can download your first package for free and get started immediately after sign up! Go here:

Color Monthly Free Packages


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