6 Simple Tips To Help You Discover Your Natural Talents

Discovering Your Natural Talents Can Increase Your Success in All Areas of Life

Isn’t it weird that most of us are better at expressing our weaknesses rather than our strengths? And don’t you find it strange that most of us don’t even know what their natural talents are?

Just try for yourself. What comes up to mind if someone asks you what you’re really good at? And even if you’re one of the few that could come up with a whole list of things, it doesn’t mean that you have discovered your natural talents. Just try to answer this question for a moment.

What are your natural talents?

If you could answer that question with clarity and conviction without having to give it much thought, congratulations! It means that you have discovered your natural talents. However, most of us can speak right up if someone inquires about our weaker points, but we’re often less in tune with what we do well, and it’s rather rare if someone knows what their natural talents are.

The benefits of discovering your natural talents

Knowing what you can excel at not only contributes to your capacity for success, but it has the potential to stimulate you to set clear goals for your life. When you have clear goals for your life, and they are in line with your natural talents, you’ll navigate the challenges that life can throw at you with so much more ease that it will surprise you.

It’s also good for your self-esteem and self-confidence when you know what you are good at, and something you can hold on to at all times, even when the road get’s rough.

Discovering your natural talents has a whole lot more benefits that might not be so obvious right away. One of those hidden benefits is that you will stop losing time and getting lost. Going in all kind of directions, except the right one. You can stop procrastinating and stop being frustrated by making career or personal choices that don’t match with you and what you’re naturally good at. Because when you know what your natural talents and strengths are, it becomes easier to make the choices that stimulate and support you.

Believe, me it’s a whole lot better if you are going with your natural flow, rather than peddling upstream.

So, how much do you know about your talents? How can you discover more about the things you do really well?

Here is a short video from Coach Ahalya about “How To Find Your Talent and Strengths”

Try these strategies to discover your natural talents

1. Ask each of your parents

If your parents have observed your behavior and temperament through all your stages of development, they’ll know more than anyone what skills you’ve shown, even as a young child.

  • Consider yourself on a mission to discover your true gifts.
  • Go back in time with them and listen to their stories. It can be very inspiring.
  • Ask your dad what he think you’re good at.
  • Ask your mom what she think you’re good at. Her observations will likely be somewhat different than what your dad says.
  • And if you spend some real quality time with your grandparents, perhaps you can ask your grandparents as well.

2. Pay attention during job evaluations

One of the best ways to find out about your natural talents and what you’re good at is to listen to what your boss says during your job evaluations. Do this with an open mind and without being defensive against negative comments. Remember that you try to find out what you’re naturally good at, and it’s impossible to be good at everything. Focus on the positive things that come out of the interview, and strive to be optimistic during your evaluations. Then analyze the feedback.

3. Listen to comments and advice from others

If you followed Great Mindset for a while, you’ll know by now that we are not fond of following the advice of others, but that you rather need to develop your own knowing so you can offer yourself your own guidance… However, in this context of trying to discover your natural talents, you’re being given an opportunity to learn from how others see you. And in this case, they might actually help you discover a talent that you weren’t aware of.

4. Complete an interest inventory or aptitude test at a local community college

These types of tests are often free or low-cost. They ask very specific questions about your own opinions of yourself. Open up and answer honestly and fully.

  • The test results highlight your top interests, which you can then pursue to find out which ones you’re best at. Even if it costs $10 to $50 to take these tests, the information you gain will be worth it.

5. What do YOU think you’re good at?

If you believe you do well at something, you’ll focus on it, do it more often, and develop pride in your accomplishments. Don’t just think about it, but instead take pen an paper and write down the skills in which you think you excel.

6. Consider all aspects of life

A hobby you enjoy could become a lucrative career. Your communication skills might offer you new opportunities in directions you’ve never thought of before. Your relationship skills might bring you to places and encounters that inspires you in whole new ways…

Discovering your natural talents and becoming aware of the things you excel at could move your life forward in wonderful ways you never even considered before.

  • At work, in what areas do others ask you for help?
  • At home, what can you complete in the blink of an eye?
  • What tasks do you look forward to doing?
  • Do you enjoy making up a story to tell your child at bedtime?
  • Have you developed your own weight loss program or meditation plan?
  • Maybe design comes natural to you. Do others compliment your home or yard?

Recognizing what you do best can contribute to truly living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Take some time this week to assess the skills you do well. Increase your chances for success now by determining the things you excel at. Your life’s journey can become one great adventure!

By discovering your natural talents you’ll increase your success in all areas of your life. But if you want to change your current path in life and discover the amazing pleasure you can experience when you create a life that is supported by your natural talents, you will need to develop the confidence to go after your dreams. Because as you begin to put your plan of action into practice, you’re probably going to find that fear and uncertainty cloud your mind.

That’s why we created a “Success Special” for edition #4 of Great Mindset Magazine. Inside you’ll not only find how you can develop the confidence to go after your dreams, but many other topics that are all geared towards helping you find your personal strengths, qualities, and talents and how to use and combine them together so that you can finally experience what a dream life is all about.

Furthermore, in addition to the magazine we offer as a special bonus, workbooks, audio tracks, and checklists that will guide you through the whole process.

Here Is How You Can Increase Your Success in All Areas of Life by Using Your Natural Talents!


The main topics we cover in Great Mindset Magazine Edition #4 are:

  • How To Develop The Confidence To Go After Your Dreams
  • How To Break Free Of Negative Emotions
  • How To Master The Art Of Problem Solving
  • Top 10 Success Tips From Winners
  • How To Write Your Own Success Story
  • And much more

We hope you realize the insane value you get for the small price of a Magazine.

That said, if you are a first time customer, you’ll probably don’t realize that Great Mindset Magazine looks like a magazine, is formatted like a magazine, and has the price of a magazine. However, it’s actually composed of several high quality reports that you would pay much more for per each individual report.

The cost is less than the price for your favorite beverage at your coffee shop. And if you are at all serious about your personal growth and development, Great Mindset Magazine will be the best value per $ that you can spend.

But obviously we are biased. So, if you want to give it a try, go ahead and find out for yourself. You can find more information here:

Great Mindset Magazine Edition #4

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