5 Tips to help you achieve your goals regardless of obstacles

If you feel life happens to you, don’t just read this — DO THIS!

To achieve your goals regardless of obstacles you need to have a clear vision of what you want and a strong belief that you can achieve it, because without it it’s so easy to get lost and life rather happens to you.

Here is a short video of Brian Tracy about “Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Your Long Term Goals,” pointing out why clarity is so important.

No matter where your journey leads, staying focused on what you want in life will give you more control and help you keep sight of where you want to go. This makes it so much easier to get back on track when you’ve got lost.

Having a clear vision also helps to keep your spirits high and inspire you to find solutions when you are suddenly faced with expected or unexpected challenges that life can throw at you.

No matter who you are and how perfect your life might be right now, you can be sure that life will at times be a twisting path of “potholes” around which you must learn to navigate.

You’ve likely been through phases of your life already where you wondered if your misfortune would ever come to an end and then discovered that suddenly things calmed down to open up for a smoother, straighter path.

Here are a few tips to achieve your goals regardless of obstacles and continue going for your goals even though life’s road gets rough:

1. Find clarity in your mind so you know exactly what you’re after in life

Not having clarity of what you want and why you want it, is one of the most common reasons people have a roller coaster life. They sail through life depending on where the wind is coming from, rather than setting sail to the harbor of their choosing…

What do you want your life to be like? When you’re clear and sure, you will find motivation and determination, and you will be amazed how more easy it becomes to tackle the challenges that life throws at you.

If you aren’t 100% clear of what you want out of life, you will find yourself many times sidetracked and lost. Struggling to get back on track, for the simple reason that you don’t really know what track you’re supposed to be on. But when you know where you are going and have decided to do whatever it takes to arrive at your desired destination, you’ll navigate eventual obstacles with more ease.

This is because you have more clarity. It doesn’t mean you know all the answers and you won’t struggle at times, but you’ll recognize possible challenges more easily and will be able to navigate mores swiftly through the unexpected obstacles too. Now you can plan your activities over both the short and long term, and find solutions to help you achieve your goals even when the roads get rough.

2. Keep your list of life goals short and to the point

When you are writing out your goals in much detail your mind finds clarity. However, when you make a list of your goals, ideally you keep them short and to the point so your mind can capture the end goal quickly. With clarity comes motivation and when they are short and to the point, it’s easy for your brain to repeat them as a sort of mantra or affirmation on both your conscious as well as your subconscious level.

This will not only help you keep your focus, but stimulate and motivate you to go after your goals. They will help you find answers where others get lost.

For example, let’ say you want to become a single handicap golfer by the end of the year, and your goal plan to achieve this is by stop spending money on the latest and newest driver. Instead you have decided to use your budget to get your clubs custom fitted, plan your lunch at the golf course so you have a daily short practice session rather than one long session once a week, and focus your practice around your short game and putting. Furthermore you will work on your mental game and improve your course management. And in case this would not be enough and you would need a pro, you will find one that doesn’t want to change your swing, but helps you to optimize your game with what you already have.

You can clearly see that this is a real clear goal with plan and all. However to keep the focus, you don’t need to repeat the full plan to yourself everyday. It would be enough to say: “I focus on my mental state, short game and course management to join the elite club of single handicap golfers.”

A few more examples of short and to the point life goals:

“I will obtain my Deepak Chopra coaching certificate by the end of this year.”

“I work daily on the creation of my mental training and coaching program for professional golfers so I can launch it in time for the 2016 Olympics.”

“I use 10% of my business revenue to become an angel investor and setup an online mentor support system for young creative entrepreneurs.”

You see all of these goals are very clear and precise. They are even clear for someone totally strange to the goal to understand what your goal exactly is about. That’s how you would rephrase your goals so they are short and to the point.

3. Infuse elements of achieving your goals into your everyday life

Forget about the stress that many guru’s and everyone else around you is putting on you to set daring goals. Life goals don’t need to be bold and challenging, unless you want or need to challenge yourself. But they need to be EXCITING for YOU! Because…

If they not excite you, it becomes so easy to give up on them when the road get’s tough. Sometimes you have the wrong vision, or didn’t spend enough time contemplating the why of your goal. Sometimes the goal was stimulated by someone else, therefore it’s not really YOUR goal, you’re just going after something because of what someone else wants from you. So, if your goals are not exciting for YOU, dump them and continue searching for goals that just thinking about achieving them makes you so enthusiastic and excited that you want to jump out of your chair and start working on them.

But let’s come back to the topic of infusing elements of achieving your goals into your everyday life. Let’s say you are a passionate photographer, and one of your goals is to travel to South-Africa three years from now and explore the amazing nature and wildlife during a two week photo-shoot safari. Then it would be a good idea to have a couple of books about South-Africa’s wildlife laying around the house, on your coffee table and nightstand. Check out travel destinations and special offers to South-Africa to get information and inspiration. Hang posters or place artwork in your office, living room or private space and watch television programs like National Geographic about the wildlife in South-Africa.

So, the idea is to make your life goals part of your everyday life so that even when life gets bumpy, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on what’s really important to you. After all, it will be right there in front of you.

4. Talk positively to yourself

Although some kinds of talking to yourself might not be seen as healthy, it can be quite helpful to use positive self-talk. When you do, you’ll be more likely to keep working toward your goals in life. Say something like, “I’m in a rough patch but I can still keep saving for my dream travel to South-Africa.”

Other examples of positive self-talk are “I can get through this challenging phase just like I did before,” “As long as I keep moving forward, things are okay,” and “Life has in store many more wonderful adventures for me.”

Reading and repeating positive affirmations will help you strengthen the qualities you wish to develop and even assist you in adopting new habits and qualities. If negative thoughts are a challenge for you, positive affirmations will help steer you away from them and replace them with a more positive vibration.

Write down or download motivational quotes that inspire you to keep going. Using positive affirmations, mantras and positive self-talk will keep your spirits buoyed when you feel like you’re floundering in choppy waters.

5. Reflect on your efforts in order to reinforce them

Even though you may be struggling, think about what you accomplished just this week to achieve your goals. Maybe you made a couple of phone calls, explored the internet to gather information, or drew up a new budget to ensure you’re on target for saving for your life goals.

Most likely, even in the most chaos and downward spiral, you probably did something positive. Recognizing and focusing on the positive will reinforce your efforts in your quest to achieve your goals. You can excel in times of great challenge.

Use our self-reflection exercises or start a journal to discover your own strengths and limitations. It can help make you aware of your own limiting beliefs and subconscious self-sabotage that is standing in your way to achieve the goals you have set.

Keep working toward accomplishing your goals even though life throws more than a few obstacles at you. Know what you’re after and stay focused. Make your life goals a part of your daily life and use positive self-talk. Acknowledge what you’ve done to keep moving forward.

Apply these strategies to help you consistently work to meet your life goals. If you do, you’ll accomplish whatever you want no matter what.

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