2020 Weekly Success Planner – Dated

Looking for a 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner that will help you SUCCEED with your New Year Resolutions & Goals?

Check out this 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner with Notes & Journal pages. Apart of its separate journal and note pages section, it has many specific sections and pages to keep you focused on your MAJOR Goals and Resolutions and help you better organize your life.

This beautiful planner is designed to help you achieve the success that you seek for the goals and dreams you set for the next 12 months. 

2020 Weekly Success Planner: Dated, 2-Page Week Spread, 280 pages – Size 8.5×11

This is the 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner, size 8.5×11 with a yearly, monthly, and weekly planning section. The weekly planning sections come with a two page per week spread. 

Designed by Marcello Ponti, this Organizer, Planner and Journal in one, is not only pretty to look at, but it has all the sections and pages you need to help you stick to your goals and resolutions.

This planner has 280 pages, with the following sections:

2020 Planner with Personal Identifier page, Birthday and Important Dates Pages, Wish-List Pages, and much more.
Planner with Personal Identifier Page + Birthday & Important Dates Pages + Wish-list Pages


This is the page where you’ll personalize your planner with your name, phone number, and email. Just in case you would forget it somewhere or it would get lost.


In this section of the planner you have a page to register birthdays and your most important days for the coming 12 months, plus a lined blank page to take some notes or add additional information.


In the Wishlist Section of the planner you can capture all your desires and wishes for the most important things you want or need during the coming year. There are two lined blank pages to jot down some notes, special remarks, or additional information.

The wish-list helps you to capture the things you want or need. Many will be trivial, however it’s nice to have a place in your planner where you can just jot down what comes to mind, without having to turn it in a goal or resolution. Some might become that important that you’ll want to move them into the goals and resolution section, or even the Major Goals Section, but it’s not a must. This is just a freewheeling place for your mind…;)

Weekly Planner with Goals and Resolutions pages, and a section for Major Goals pages
Planner With Goals & Resolutions Pages + A Section for Major Goals Pages


In this section of the planner you’ll note all the goals and resolutions that come to mind (think bullet list…;). You can set a date by when you want to either start the goal, or the deadline by when you want to have it achieved (or both). And there is a column with a Yes or No tick-boxes.

The Goals & Resolutions Section of this 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner starts with three pages of the most popular New Year Resolutions. Just a few ideas to get your mind inspired if you’re a little bit stuck.


In this section of the planner we created space for up to 6 Major Goals. There is one page for each Major Goal. On the top of the page it has a box section to write out your Major Goal Statement. Next to it is a Start + End date. Below you have a space to note your initial Action Steps, also with start and end dates. There is a section for notes and initial ideas on how to accomplish your goal, and a Milestones section, so you can keep track of the important accomplishments while you are on your way to complete successfully the goal you have set.

This section is different to the previous Goals & Resolutions Section where you write down all your goals and resolutions that come to mind. This Major Goals Planner Section is designed to keep focus on your MAJOR LIFE CHANGING GOALS. Those that will make a difference to your health, wealth, relationships or any other important plans you will make for the next 12 months.

Each page has a space for:

  • Your bold goal statement
  • Action steps
  • Start and End dates
  • Notes & Initial Ideas
  • Milestones
Yearly Planner pages and Monthly Planner pages and sections
The Yearly and Monthly Pages in the 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner


This is the 2020 Year Planner. It has a Dated Overview Section with the 366 days of 2020, and monthly sections spread over two pages to note your most important projects, tasks, meetings and plans. From the launch of a new project to your holiday planning, this part of the 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner serves to have an easy full year overview for your most important plans and projects that are coming up during the year. There’s also an extra blank lined page to note some additional remarks.


In this part of the 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner, you’ll find twelve monthly planning sections where you can jot down all your important projects, goals, notes and to do’s for each month. Each month has a 2-page month overview followed by a blank lined note page to jot down some extra information on topics that need a highlight.

Each Monthly Planner section is followed by the Weekly Planner pages and sections for the specific month.

The advantage of having a monthly planner section combined with weekly planner sections for that month, is that it’s easier to jot down upcoming tasks without fixed dates in the monthly section rather than in the weekly sections.

Unless you are sure about the dates you’ll have time to work on the project, you’ll soon will find out that it’s easier to use the monthly section till you’ve fixed a date to work on the task. That’s the moment when you’ll want to move the task, meeting or appointment into the week and day you’ll start working on it.

This avoids having to reschedule your weekly planning when your time prediction where a little off, or something unforeseen came up to make a mess of your initial planning at the beginning of the month…;)

Weekly planner pages and sections, plus Notes and Journal pages
Weekly Planner Pages and Notes / Journal Pages


This is the part you’ll use the most in your 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner. The weekly planner sections come on a 2-page per week spread, including:

  • Your Week Overview
  • Most important Appointments
  • Most Important Tasks
  • And a Habit Tracker for up to 5 habits you want to track

Note that the habit tracker can also be used when you are working on a specific project or goal that will remain an important focus point throughout your week.


This part completes the 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner. There are 2 Index Pages and 58 lined note pages to capture ideas, elaborate on projects and plans, or to journal your deepest thoughts from the new achievements you’re going to accomplish in the next 12 months.

This 2020 Dated Weekly Success Planner has a total of 280 pages, and will be your daily companion to organize your work, your life, your thoughts and ideas over the coming 12 months.

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